Wonder Wench Writes

You’d think a Louie Louie Lass would be inwincible (sorry, couldn’t help myself; that word is from a favorite movie of mine) … invincible, if you must.  So if that’s true, why am I so damned tired?  Mainly because very pretty granddaughters are young enough to stay up till three a.m. without blinking … and I am not.  The Lad and I had two granddaughters here for a few days and I think it will take me about a week to get caught up.

 One of them is going into the Air Force – better look out, whoever is in charge, because that child will be running the place before very long.  And she has an uncle in the area who’s a sheriff, so don’t try any silly stuff with her.  Does it sound as though I’m proud of Sarah?  You bet …

 And I know my job is to shoot down the Lad’s blog … but I can’t keep my eyes open … so I’ll make up for the lack next time.

 … zzzzzzz …

One Response to “Wonder Wench Writes”

  1. Bob Littler says:

    I have a little cousin, she was born when I was about 28, I changed her diapers and she grew to be an adorable but very ditzy teenager. I remember her at about 13 buzzing around the roller rink with my oldest daughter. She is now a Lt. Commander in the US Coast Guard and graduate of the Academy, #2 in command at her base. Does it show, Im really proud of her.