Wonder Wench Writes

We are just back from a really nice vacation – and I am ready to leave again.  Enough emails to build a book, for heaven’s sake.  And 99.9% of them are useless. 

As for that other .1% — 

Happy late birthday, J … and oh, my, yes, Bahstan was certainly the place to be in the 60’s.  Wherever I live, I will always remember how the night sky lit up when music filled the Hatch Memorial Shell … and listening to (then) very young men play their guitars and sing in the small clubs … and getting my foot stepped on by a female singer (no, as much as I would like to, no names) as she and the other “Stone Ponies” wandered onto the stage … and feeling so proud when my very own Louie Louie Lad emceed a show … 

For those of you who are not quite up to LL status just yet, the thing to do is – live.  And never ever let your mind get old.  You can’t stop the rest of the world, but you control your ideas and your mind.  Do not get old in your thinking, no matter what. 

Let’s see, where to vacation next year …

One Response to “Wonder Wench Writes”

  1. Betsy says:

    LWW, that was my dad’s advice too. He’d always say “don’t let your mind get stuck in cement.”