Wonder Wench Writes

Those are marvelous words in “Always” … but they belong more to a Louie Louie lad than any lass I know.  Don’t get me wrong, here—they are perfect and I have always wished I could have had the opportunity to use them.  But I never did, having acquired my very own Louie Louie lad some time ago.  And knowing him, he would have been terribly upset if I’d found myself in that situation!

As for all that goop he gets on his computer, my thought is, just erase them.  But he can’t do that.  He has to read them all.  Nah, he doesn’t answer them or anything … but he has to LOOK.

Isn’t it marvelous what the information highway has done for us?  Anyone … anywhere … anywhen … can reach out and touch us.  Or not, if you’re like me and refuse to get on that particular road.  My car and I like highways just fine, only not all those drizzly drivers who poke along trying to drag me with them.

 I write either in longhand or an actual, honest to goodness electric typewriter.  Not the computer … although I must admit I kind of like the I-Pad’s ability to take my words (curses?) and put ‘em down while I’m driving so I don’t forget those magnificent ideas which come to me while I’m on my way to the supermarket.  I am not completely old-fashioned.

 But I do know how to erase that guy from Ghana …

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