Wonder Wench Writes

I cannot tell a lie … according to Big Louie.  I listen to “Good Night” at 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon.  Of course, I have an excuse.  That’s when I take the CD he makes for me in my car and go do errands … and listen.  I have to be careful ‘cause Dick’s voice usually makes me go all goose bumply and such and you KNOW that’s dangerous when you’re driving.

 But hey, if LLLads can get all hot and bothered at the sight of a pretty girl sashaying down the street, who am I to do otherwise at the sound of a LLLad’s sexy voice?

 It basically comes down to “toys for boys”, you see.  Now Dick isn’t exactly a techy where  computers are concerned, but he has learned a great deal (and he cheats; he has our son Dave to ask questions when he gets lost) and he has all kinds of “toys” to help him figure out what’s going on with the blog.  He knows how many of you listen or read at a given time and he knows where those computer connections come from:  Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, Greenland, Germany and, yes, even China.  (I don’t think I ever thanked one of you for my teddy bear when I got hurt, so … thanks very much.)  Did I say China?  Yup.

 What D. seems to forget is that not everyone sleeps at night … even though he used to work at night and sleep (sort of) during the day.  SOME people try to get their 20 winks in broad daylight, so anything that helps them get to sleep is certainly welcome.

 Now I’m not saying (before Big Louie, His Own Bad Self gets his knickers in a twist) that D. bores people to sleep.  Not me, certainly.  But if the purpose of the program is to help people sleep, then I say, go for it.  Listen when it matters.

 Anyway, I don’t know why D. is so confused.  Makes perfect sense to me.  Y’all listen … when you listen!

2 Responses to “Wonder Wench Writes”

  1. sheri says:

    … and also what doesn’t show, is the time that people like I… who have the podcast, and all his CD’s on their iPhone… (or other phones & MP3 players… and computers.. ) that listen during the day. I’ve even listened to his podcast and cd’s while sitting and walking on the near by beach. And I like the fact that his voice is comforting enough that I can listen and feel safe enough to fall asleep… in this day… there aren’t many things that do that for you that are not expensive.. or bad for you!!

  2. Carole says:

    I have “prescribed” Dick’s podcasts for many of my stressed-out friends, both male and female. The women really love his soothing voice – I have gotten all kinds of thank-you’s from them. 🙂 The guys often get a kick out of his message for LLads. And, as you so aptly pointed out, it really doesn’t matter when one listens to them — as long as one listens!!! When I used to run a major hospital ER in NYC, I had to work many different shifts – but back then there were no such things as “podcasts”– you either listened live……or you were out of luck!
    Those were simpler times, in many ways. We are spoiled now – all our toys enable us to listen to “Goodnight” at any time of the day or night.