Wonder Wench Writes

I’m not quite sure what the Louie-Louie Lad means by that “perilous pound.”  What in heaven’s name do guys know about pounds, as in weight gain?  Do they worry about whether their shirts are too tight?  Of course not; the tighter the better.  Do they grimace (as in oh, my goodness, what happened during the night to make this dress shrink?) if their jacket feels a bit snug?  No; they just grin and say, look at all the muscles I’ve gained with that heavy duty weight lifting.

They never stand there gazing mournfully into their closet trying to figure out just what bit of clothing might … just maybe … fit well enough to keep you from looking either like a frump or the babe working hard to steal all the good-looking guys in the neighborhood.  Oh, no, they don’t really know what that pound … or ounce … looks like.

But we do.

And there is no babe in this world good enough to get between my Lad and me.  And still be coherent enough to brag about it.

Perilous pound, indeed.  Gain all the weight you want, Lad.  You’re mine.

2 Responses to “Wonder Wench Writes”

  1. Mike says:

    Ok, I know this comment is going o go over like the proverbial lead balloon, but I do like sharing this story:

    Back in the seventies I was in a VA hospital, (no, not the psych ward), and the doctor was thinking about surgery. I wasn’t in favor of it to begin with, but he’s the doctor. But, I was thin, as I have been all my life and the doc decides to try to get me to put some weight on. So, for lunch and dinner I get 1200 calories per meal… double portions of everything plus frappes as a late night snack because I seldom ate breakfast.

    After 3 weeks of this, the Doctor says, “well, I think we are going to have to discharge you for your own good” so I ask why? It seems after 3 weeks of 1200 calorie meals, and not gaining and ounce, there was a rumor floating aroud that the nurses were thinking about murdering me! Yup, I’m one of those people who can just eat anything at all and it has no effect on my weight at all.

  2. Arlen Mehta says:

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