Wonder Wench Writes

When you are a member of the Louie-Louie Generation, it wasn’t easy to be the same as everyone else when you were growing up.  You know … they all wear penny loafers but your mom won’t let you.  Oh, you have loafers, but they’re PINK and they don’t match anyone else’s.  So although you’re a member of that generation … you know all the songs and great singers and those dances (hmmmm) … you are not OF that group.  You are different.

 Don’t get me wrong … I have always been different.  And I intend to keep at least one voice just for my Dick.  But as Big Louie says, ya gotta live.  And that means being part of a group, even if only a minor part.  You can join all those other Louie-Louie Generation Lads and Lasses and do all the “right” stuff when you’re at work or at the mall or even in traffic trying to avoid those pimple people driving SUVs while on the cell phone.  But you still have to be you.

 There’s a song called “Try to Remember” … a lovely piece of music.  Knowing and remembering what happened before makes what happens today work.  All those memories, good and bad, make up what we are.  Don’t forget the bad memories, but don’t LIVE them either.  Put them to work for you.  Hold them inside if you have to, but for Pete’s sake, let them out once in awhile to take part in your life.  Use them.  Don’t let them use you. 

 Like “Pete” … a nice guy by that name who lived in Montana asked me to marry him, but I was already in love with Dick.  So I said no … and have never regretted that flash of intelligence.  I remember Montana and smile a little.  But I do not remember what Pete looked like.  Don’t need to.  I have all those voices and all those memories to play with.

One Response to “Wonder Wench Writes”

  1. aliasJean Fox says:

    Barb – I’ve NEVER been like anyone else. Even when I tried to be (started wearing short skirts in college) somehow it was different. The most I fit in was when I was working at the college radio station (go figure) and was dating one of my fellow DJ’s.
    Now at this stage of my life (whatever that is) I’m still referred to as “Bohemian”….. (whatever that means). And that’s fine with me.

    The song “Try to Remember” is also one of my favorites, as is “Wives and Lovers” [the original] by Jack Jones. I still recall hearing that on Dick’s show in the dark of night. I go back there sometimes when certain songs play. And I was different even then.