Wonder Wench Writes

No problem, Louie-Louie Lad … if the hula hoop doesn’t fit … get a bigger one …

I gave the blue heron in His Louie-ship’s podcast a name.

His name is Toby; well, To Be or Not To Be, actually, but that translates down to Toby.  My blue heron.  I look for him every day.  He’s been back once so far, and I doubt I have ever seen anything more elegant in the wild.  My Lad bought me a blue heron statue for our garden and he, of course, is Toby.

Big Louie. I at least am not surprised that the guy in Tiny Dancer couldn’t see what was right in front of his nose … most pimple people don’t.  Why is it we almost always want what we used to have and gave away?

And yes, I am still violining – not well, but persistent … you don’t want to hear me.  Yet.

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