Wonder Wench Writes

He’s right, of course (don’t tell him I said so!), but life really is pretty basic. 

 Just knowing I can come home to him. 

 Hearing our daughter Kristin laugh when she tells me about her welding class.

 Making it through another of Jane’s YMCA classes.

Talking with Tall Beth and Brooklyn Nancy about yarn colors and material.

And thumbing my nose at Big Louie when he thinks I can’t do something because I got hurt awhile ago.

 As for “Capt. Chuck” – you Louie-Louie Lasses know how rare it is to meet a guy who actually talks to … you?  We had dinner with the big-stripes-on-his-sleeve guy and it was such fun being out with two pilots who were concerned for me.  Basic, I know, but loverly anyway.Basic is more than that, of course, but basic is as basic does.  And I have yet to meet a less than Louie-Louie Lad who either knows how or cares to know how to be that honest.  That, of course, is exactly what basic is.  Honesty.

 Like (can I say it without choking?) Big Louie.  And my Lad.  Notice, ladies, I said MY Lad.

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