Wonder Wench Writes

Manly?  Testosterone?  Well, I’ll give you chest hair … don’t want that. 

 But women have the same testosterone you guys have … it’s just called guts when Big Louie talks about it.  I mean, come on now, when that damned chain saw revs up and I know my Louie-Louie Lad is out there ALONE, my heart just doesn’t go pitter pat anymore.  It actually stops.  Then I grit my teeth and don’t go to the door and yell, “Please stop!”  I actually sit on my hands so as not to bang on the window and beg him not to attack those poor trees.

 All right, yes, I know all the definitions of manly, and he more than lives up to all of them.

 But put a tool in his hot little hands and I get scared.  Truly frightened.  Mr. Manly laughs at danger … only he doesn’t always see it.  I remember a bright orange lawn mower cord that he ran right over and fortunately didn’t burn himself to a crisp.  I remember 50 mile an hour winds that he and our son Eric ignored so they could fly in our small plane… FLY IN A SMALL  AIRPLANE … up toBoston from Long Island because our daughter Kris was having her first baby.  Eric’s wife and I drove with their daughter and got there about the same time without all the banging around.

Manly … yes, absolutely.  But, Big Louie, couldn’t you just temper all that testosterone with a little feminine common sense?

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