Wonder Wench Writes

I don’t mind when there’s no electricity … we get to use candles and the fireplace.  Our Dave and Julie and Kris and Wes had to do the same, although I don’t somehow think they thought it was as nice as I did.  I’m older ….And the weather is just trying to catch up on itself.  I remember cold, snowy Thanksgivings even if the “younger generation” doesn’t.  I suppose we are affecting climate change in some ways as the pundits howl about, but not really.  This old earth has gone through climactic changes for millions of years (despite what creationists think) and it’s just time for the next layer of change.  Oh, we may be hurrying it a bit but we aren’t causing the whole thing to happen.  We are simply part of it.

 Do I sound fatalistic?  Well, yeah, but then I won’t be here in the next hundred thousand years or so. And I won’t have to live with all those changes.  But it is certainly going to be wildly interesting to see what happens in the near future.  More snow?  I remember streets so snow clogged the plows couldn’t even leave their barns.  No busses running, no cars … and certainly no trains. In November, lads and lasses.  Starting in early October.  I know, I know, I grew up in Boston and what do you expect from the frozen north?  So it may well happen again.  And it might be less than marvelous … but it won’t be awful.  Heck, I lived through it …

 And I do like fireplaces

One Response to “Wonder Wench Writes”

  1. Mike says:

    Ah yes, lovely weather we have here in Beantown! Were you here for the blizzard of 78? That was fun! Back in the evil days of my youth I remember going to church on Easter Sunday in the snow. And winter started in late October and lasted until the middle of March. (Yes I know, but it felt like it).

    Climate change will get attention in DC when the water starts flowing into their streets (use to be a tidal basin at on point before they drained the swamp).

    Glad you and yours survived the storm!