Wonder Wench Writes

She grew up a badly educated Polack in Massachusetts but she taught me to love good classical music … although her favorite music was the Beatles Rubber Soul album.

 She never learned to drive or use a computer and couldn’t understand how I could fly with Dick when she watched him crash on a computer flight simulator.  But she kept a promise and flew that bright June morning and really enjoyed it.

 She was ecstatic when her first grandchild was born and spent money she didn’t have to get Lisa the most gorgeous Christmas dress she could find, although I doubt my sister-in-law appreciated all the lace and pleats on that red velvet thing. And she never said “What?” when she saw what I was wearing.  And as a Louie-Louie Lass in the sixties, you know the kind of yuckie stuff available to me.

 She was short-tempered and a typical “old lady” grump, but she never told me I had made a mistake by falling in love (lust) with my Louie-Louie-Lad.   

I expect she makes some rather pointed comments from her hill about the take-offs and landings at our airport … but she can see the world from there …

 Thank you, Helen. I still love you.

One Response to “Wonder Wench Writes”

  1. Betsy says:

    WW, if your mom’s favorite album was the Beatles Rubber Soul, she must have been a cool lady.