Wonder Wench Writes

It’s Pumpkin season, and as Tall Beth says, you can make almost anything from lovely orange, white, or a mixture of pumpkins. Tall Beth and the other ladies at my Strawberry Sampler cross stitch shop will eat just about anything made from pumpkin. Like pumpkin cream cheese on pumpkin bagels. Really? If you have some pumpkin cookies or pies (which I will eat) or bread or sauce for just about anything, drop me an email at Barbara@dicksummer.com and I’ll see to it that she will find a way to get to you. Somewhere in her South Carolina upbringing, TB was bitten by a pumpkin bug, I do believe, and she shares her joy with that orangy/yellow fruit (vegetable?) with everyone who comes near.



One Response to “Wonder Wench Writes”

  1. Betsy says:

    I made a pumpkin smoothie the other day using various nut milks, canned pumpkin, frozen banana, cinnamon, vanilla and a tiny amount of maple syrup. No recipe, just threw it all in – delicious!!