Wonder Wench Writes

My Lady Wonder Wench is talking about this week’s podcast:

We are surrounded by trees – and bushes – and flowers. And the oak that my Louie Louie Lad refers to in his blog/thingie is one of the finest trees on this hill. As Big Louie’s second-in-command says, the birds and the squiverals (French pronunciation) and the baby rabbits all play around his tall old self. And I figure he smiles at every one of them.But most of all, he sings … just a soft humming whisper, don’t you know, that tells me he is ready to go.But I won’t be here; I don’t want to say goodby.

One Response to “Wonder Wench Writes”

  1. Carole Mannion says:

    That is really sad. Did you inquire if the tree could be “topped”??? Most of the time—-that kills them – but often they do survive. We had to do that here – a couple of very tall, large trees. They did eventually die — but the remainder (still quite tall) of each are now homes for squirrels and woodpeckers – even the majestic Pileated – the largest of them all. I do understand how Dick feels about it being “murder”.
    Still – it might be worth inquiring from the tree guy if he could just cut off the highest and most dangerous limbs.