Wonder Wench Writes


Answering “The Lad’s” Podcast:

But there are always second chances … you just have to look.

 I met Superman today and shook his hand.  He was very shy … most three-year-olds are.  But he grinned as he walked away and so did I.  His second chance will come when he meets Superwoman.  And humility will play a big part in what he does.

 Jim and Jim and Gary have some small amount of u-mili-tay … if I may make so bold … but unless they grin and let Superwoman into their lives, it just won’t work.  We Lasses are hung all over with humility because we have to stand back and let the Louie Louie Lads of this world stand in front and protect us (although for the most part we can protect ourselves) … and we don’t mind (much) if that keeps Big Louie and his cohorts feeling proud and accomplished and strong and … and …

 After all, the Lasses of the Louie Louie Generation learned a L-O-N-G time ago that happiness is … a Lad who loves me and takes care of me and grins his superiority at the other Lads because he has … ME!


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  1. Carole says:

    Right on all counts!!!! (as usual….)