The Dick Summer (re) Connection – Chapter 18

The Dick Summer (re) Connection – Chapter 18

Allison Steele called herself “The Night Bird.” Allison did overnights when I did mornings on WNEW-FM. She looked just like she sounded… smokey, smooth, and sexy. She wore short leather skirts, very, very, well. She had a wicked slow smile and a big soft gentle heart in a nicely curved sweater.

She left a little trace of perfume and a couple of kind words everywhere she went. Allison was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but she never talked about that. She liked talking to men and I liked that. We enjoyed a cup of coffee together every morning for a while…my first and her last of the day. She also liked talking ABOUT men. Amazingly, Allison and my lady Wonder Wench got together at a party one evening and spent a remarkable part of the night talking about me. W. Wench wouldn’t discuss most of the conversation except to say that there was a lot of laughing and a little sneaky finger pointing involved. Allison single handedly saved half the stray cats in Manhattan from destruction. She took them in, nursed them back to health, and found homes for them. Allison was one of the funniest, warmest, classiest women I’ve ever known. And certainly one of the sexiest. She really enjoyed “being a girl.”

“The flutter of wings, the sounds of the night, the shadow across the moon, as the Nightbird lifts her wings and soars above the earth into another level of comprehension, where we exist only to feel. Come fly with me, Alison Steele, the Nightbird…”

That was her show open. For almost 20 years, her purr warmed New Yorkers’ ears, and possibly some other body parts. If you’re a Jimi Hendrix fan, you may remember the song he wrote for her. It’s called “Nightbird Flying.”

She left us way too soon, on September 27, 1995. And a powerful love potion leaked out of the magic radio box the night she died. Allison was about fun, and female sex. Kinda hard to find that on the radio these days. “Delilah” doesn’t cut it. Then there’s…let’s see…. Hummm.

I told you last time the distinction I make in my own mind between sexy and pornographic. Sexy looks/sounds/feels like both people are having fun. Pornographic looks/sounds/feels like somebody’s getting hurt. I respect what Howard Stern does, and I certainly respect the size of his paycheck . I don’t listen much to him or any of his wannabees any more, but when I have heard them, it always sounded to me like the guys were having much more fun than the ladies involved.

There was a wonderful, powerful woman behind that Night Bird purr. I know Howard. He’s way too smart to ever invite somebody like Allison to be on his show. She’d have laughed that soft sexy laugh, and sent him to his room…alone. Allison was one of the funniest, warmest, classiest women I ever met. And that’s the witchcraft that leaked out of the magic radio box when she died. It was a warm and gentle love potion. Powerful female fun. A little trace of perfume, and a couple of kind words. And class. Lots of class.


When you need to feel more confident, immediately…take three deep breaths, and with each breath stand a little straighter. You’ll be amazed at how fast your confidence level will go up. It won’t last forever, but for a few minutes you’ll feel strong, confident, and more in control.


Just for kicks, I entered “Dick Summer” into a search engine yesterday, and a warning popped up. It said “Viewing a web site that may contain adult material.” Well, what a pleasant surprise that would be. The “problem”, I imagine, is with the several different possible meanings of my name. How hypocritical are we about sex ? Just about a “10” I’d say. A nice, well educated, middle aged Executive Secretary who works for my main client (in my day job of running an advertising agency) actually can’t bring herself to call me Dick. I think that’s pretty funny. But it’s also a little sad. This very nice lady has three kids. I guess virgin birth is a very in thing these days.

Did you ever wonder why we need to protect “our kids” from the terrible shock of seeing Janet Jackson’s somewhat less than exciting breast ? I always thought breasts were put there for kids to nurse on…one of the many perks of being a kid. If a kid nurses till he’s two, does something suddenly snap between the last swig and the end of kid-hood ? A terrible snap that would drive him into permanent psychic panic ? I kind of doubt it. At least not unless his parents freak out in front of him at half time. Seeing my parents freak out about something they saw on tv would have scared the pimples off me when I was a kid. Everybody has breasts. Even guys. Admittedly, some breasts are more pleasing to look at than others. But then some left knees are also more pleasing to look at than others.

Conclusion: We’re not protecting “our kids.” We’re passing down our own nutty hang ups about anything that hangs down on our bodies. I’d suggest we all “get a grip” but if I did, the search engine would probably crash.

Give a listen to a story from the Quiet Hands cd that the search engine police would absolutely hate. It’s in the current “Good Night” PodProgram. It’s called “Fingertip Memories.” If you go with the flow, you’ll be amazed how well your fingertips can remember some of the lovely things they’ve touched. Try it. The price is right. (Free)

Always good to hear from you. Comments, condemnations, shout outs, suggestions, memories, mammaries…send ‘em. The address is

Gotta thank Mike Kinosian for the great article he did on the (re) Connection in his INSIDE RADIO column. Mike is probably the most respected radio journalist in the country, and his comments sure make me feel good. If you’d like to see it go to

Also thanks to “Eric” who sent an amazing comment on last week’s PodProgram. If you’re curious about what an Ambulance Aircraft pilot who puts his life on the line in some of the nastiest flying terrain in the country has to say about what keeps him interested in one woman, read this:

“Hi Dick, I listened to the “Ain’t Love A Kick In The Head” PodProgram last night. It got me to thinking what would it take to make me “stray.” All heterosexual men fantasize, but what would it take to make me step over the line. Surely not simple lust, momentary fascination or even “ego.” Not even, I think, could the determined attention of a willing female cause me to lose sight of what lies just beyond the mirror should I choose to step through it. There is one thing, though. Neglect…All relationships are vulnerable to the slow decay of detailed attention…to the anesthesia of assumption…to the comfortable poison of complacency. I don’t crave big demonstrations and sexual athletics. I crave the passing touch of fingertips, the glancing half smile…the searching lock of a gaze…More than the daily, needy assurance of love, I crave the tiniest assurance that my lover actually likes me….”

Closing thought – Unless it’s the forbidden apple that the Lord told you about, don’t get hung up on the things that hang down in front of you. The really sexy stuff is in your head. And it sounds like a guy by the name of Eric, and a lady like Allison Steele.

CLOSING THOUGHT: God is all powerful. He doesn’t need us to do anything for Him. Most of the time when we try to help, we’re just getting in His way.

ANOTHER CLOSING THOUGHT: Proud PodProgram Participant Jim King says there are ads on this site when he brings it up on his computer. I HAVE NEVER AUTHORIZED ANY ADS ON THIS SITE. And I’m specifically asking you to ignore any ads you see here. If they’re poaching on the site, Lord knows what they’d do if you ever tried doing business with them. PLEASE DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH ANYBODY WHO PUTS ADS ON THIS SITE.



One Response to “The Dick Summer (re) Connection – Chapter 18”

  1. JIM DORAN says:

    Glad to hear someone being “Up-Front” about breasts. I always find it amazing that our society is totally fixated on bazooms, the larger the better. We are besieged with cleavage wherever we look, sales ads, movie and TV promos and programs, and plastic surgeons are more than willing to install dual Mount Everests on any female who is eager and has the $$$$. Yet, let one enterprising young mother whip one of those suckers out in public and commence feeding a young infant, all hell breaks loose. Tons of smutty crap may be dumped on us regularly and it is tolerated without as much as a whimper, but the sight of the back of a little tot’s cranium nestled softly against his natural God given source of proper nutrition sends people screaming out into the streets.
    Speaking of God:…You Bonehead!!! You state that we’re just getting in HIS way when we try to help.
    First of all, CAVEMAN,who ever told you that God is a male??? The world we live in is totally screwed up and is run universally by males. I’m figuring that if God has a gender, it is probably female.
    Secondly, life is not a chess game controlled by God. We are here for a purpose. Ever hear of “FREE WILL”?? The choices mankind makes have a huge and direct impact on our daily lives and our collective future. If for one minute I believed that God controls everything on this plane and that I didn’t have a chance to change things for the better, I would start playing Russian Roulette with every chamber filled. If God has been running everything in this world, the Great One definitely hasn’t achieved his GED yet. Our help has become nesessary and needed now, more than ever. I heartily suggest that you don a lightning-proof helmit!!!