The Dick Summer (re) Connection – Chapter 11

The Dick Summer (re) Connection – Chapter 11

She’s a cigar smoking, truck driving, witchy woman. Man, what a woman. Her real name is Lisa, but her friends call her Olga. Olga the Witch … long black hair, voice like a purr with fur, and a long slow motion smile. I didn’t see Olga walk into the studio. I just looked up, and she was suddenly just standing there in studio 2b at WNBC. Probably just my imagination. The 10PM to Midnight portion of my show was music, and Midnight to 2 AM was talk. I always liked to have “ordinary” people who did extraordinary things as guests on the talk portion. So I asked for mail from folks who figured they qualified.

It was just before Halloween, and Olga’s note said, “I’m a witch.” It was a slam dunk. The lights at WNBC were New York Neon, and Olga purred something about how comfortable we’d be if I’d turn off the overheads, and do our interview by the light of a candle she’d brought. If it weren’t for the Federal Disc Jockey Regulations, the fact that my crack NBC tech/accomplice Vic Lombardo was only one heavy breath away, and the certain knowledge that my lady Wonder Wench was listening, things could have gotten a little out of hand right there. Olga was fascinating. I mean in other ways too. She’s a follower of the ancient pagan religion called Wicca. It’s about love of nature, gentleness toward humans and animals, and very ancient legends about tall trees, shadow creatures, and the moon. No devil worship, no broomsticks, no haggle tooth hags. Olga is beautiful, smart, sensitive and loyal. She became a real friend to Wonder Wench, our son Mark and me. Mark was 14 when I met Olga, and he often came to the station with W. Wench and me on Friday nights. Friday nights were “Mouth vs. Ear” nights on my show. “Mouth vs. Ear” was a quiz show. We always won, because we cheated. More about that next time. But for now, you need to know that besides W. Wench and Mark, there were lots of friends including Olga in the studio on Friday nights. It was Olga’s first night with us, and she was lively, happy, and bra-less. She threw her arms around Mark, and gave him a loud, juicy, bouncy kiss smack dab on the mouth. Mark was big with the girls at 14. But Olga was all woman. His ears wiggled, his hands stuck out from his arms at a strange angle, and he didn’t start breathing again until sometime late Saturday afternoon.

That was lots of years ago, but when I asked Mark yesterday if he remembered, he said something like, “ooohhh yessss.”

Our “Mouth vs Ear” friends and I had a softball team called “The Cheaters.” (Remember, we always won the quiz because we cheated.) Olga never played, but she came to watch and witch. We won a lot of games that year. It was either the lively ball or the way Olga twitched her … nose. A year or so after she joined our crew, Olga fell in love and moved away with her guy. We’ve lost track of her over the years, and I was wondering … this blog gets around now … and maybe someone reading this might know her. I don’t want to give you her last name for obvious reasons. And that wouldn’t be necessary any way. Because there’s only one Olga like this warm and wonderful witchy woman. If you know her, I’d appreciate it if you’d ask her to drop an email to Wonder Wench, Mark and I really miss that cigar smoking, truck driving, fur purring, witchy woman.

There’s a counter on the website And it shows that since the (re) Connection and the Good Night audio downloads have been available, the web site has tripled in “page views” each month. That’s great. But even more people read the blog than download the audio, and that kind of surprised me, because the first connection most of us had was on the radio, and the “Good Night” downloads are a lot like ten minute radio shows. They’re easy to download and of course they’re free. To listen, just go back to left click on the “Good Night” icon, then select one of the current titles or the feature archive title and left click it to listen. If you want to save it, right click on the title, and save is in either your desk top or your “my documents” file. “Good Night” is a few minutes of fun, a couple of interesting but unimportant facts called “Dick’s Details,*” a chapter from one of the Personal Audio CDs and a quick relaxer to help you get to sleep. My son Dave is the PodProgram Master. He’s a computer programmer, writer and a professional multi instrument musician. (Yeah I’m a little proud of him.) Dave says lots of people don’t understand how to download an audio. Well it’s just as simple as a couple of clicks. The schedule right now is two blogs and one PodProgram per week. If you’d like to try it right now, let’s make it even easier. Just click .

By the way, a computer Einstein I aint. And this is my first attempt at making the stuff you click on go where it’s supposed to go…so if it doesn’t work, please just go to the website and do it manually, and please let me know.

*A sample “Dick’s Details”:

The first known contraceptives was used in Egypt around 2,000 BC. It was crocodile dung. Help me out here … I’m trying to imagine how that scene might have played out: Sly Fun Loving Egyptian Guy in a moment of passion: “Hey honey … let’s try a contraceptive.” Slightly Confused Ancient Egyptian Honey : “Huh?” He: Yeah, we can’t afford to have any kids just yet. Let’s try this contraceptive.” She: “Contra what? What the hell is that smelly stuff.” He: “It’s crocodile dung.” She: You want to do what with WHAT ! Get away from me you pyramid pervert!”

The perfect, 100% effective, no side effects contraceptive.

Next time, MOUTH vs EAR … the NBC Radio quiz show on which we “The Mouth” always won, because we cheated.

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  1. Bob Conklin says:

    Greetings All
    Just an observation on the reading vs. download thing, I for one sit at my desk in my office with a desk top PC. Normally I will read the blog because it is simply easier to do while sitting at my desk, I also enjoy reading for pleasure and that is something time rarely allows me to do. I will download if I want to keep a certain Podcast to listen while on the road.
    Just my 2.5 cents!
    Keep writing Dick!!
    Cheers 🙂
    PS..The links work too!