The Dick Summer Connection – June 15, 2008

Things are fine with my Lady Wonder Wench. Thank you for your concern after last week’s blog/PodCast. Sometimes we drive each other a little nuts. That’s one of the results of a lot of Louie-Louie Generation Lust…and a lot of tears, and laughs and years. I wanted you to know about it because I always tell you how much I love her. And I want to be honest about it. Sometimes we make each other crazy. But the making up is good.Lots of reaction to one line… “Men and women speak the same language, but it seems like we’re using different dictionaries.” Big Louie, his own bad self, says, “When words don’t work, watch the wiggles.” He’s talking about body language. Words lie, but the wiggles don’t. So the deal I made with my Lady Wonder Wench is, “When Dick gets nuts next time, throw your arms around him like a vine.” Not much of a rhyme, but a very good idea.

Speaking of the “wiggles,” I’ve finally gotten my wiggler in gear, and I’m starting work on a new album…”Night Connections 2.” The probable first cut on the new album is at the beginning of the current PodCast at . The first cut is always the most important one on the album. So I’d sure appreciate any input you’d like to give me on “My Buddy Billy’s Babe.” (Email is  )

Some of the stories in the Night Connections albums are based on phone calls that came in to me in the middle of the night at WNBC, WNEW, and WBZ radio. And some of them are fantasies that I’ve had over the years about what people are doing in the middle of the night. I like to fly my small plane at night…sometimes with my Lady Wonder Wench, and sometimes by myself. When the weather is clear and the sky is calm…you look down at the lights in the houses, and it’s easy to imagine the things that the people in there are doing…loving, and hating, and crying, and laughing, earning and losing their self respect, and sexing, and praying, and taking care of babies, and taking each other’s lives.

I’ve always loved being on the air at night. The audience is smaller… most people are watching tv. But the people who are listening are really paying attention. We’re like a football team in a huddle. Night time radio wasn’t just background noise…in those days. I guess I’ve always liked the night. Midtown Manhattan midnights…the moon shining on the tops of low clouds…the dark that’s so absolute that you can’t even see your own feet at 3am in the country.

“Strange faces look out of the night.” I’ve never been afraid of strange faces. I’ve seen the gentlest eyes behind some of the nastiest snarls…and felt some of the coldest calculation in the prettiest smiles. That’s fascinating…the good in the ugly and the bad in the beautiful…you can see it most clearly in the moonlight.

And so it starts again. Night Connections 2. Those of you who have written, or spoken, or performed in public, know the pain of the birthing process… putting your feelings, and your thoughts, and your happiness-es out for others to see/feel/judge. The happiness-es are the hardest. We humans have told each other too many feel good lies for way too long. “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.” “The Lord will provide.” “The check is in the mail.” And sometimes… worst of all…”I love you.”

It had to start again. The “Maybe-s” are piling up inside, and I’ve got to get them out. I’m a happy guy. Mostly. And I’m usually an honest guy. Remember “Big Louie’s” equation for honesty: Truth + Maybe = Honesty. That “Maybe” is always the hardest part. Most people think it’s some kind of indecision. It’s the opposite. It’s a firm enough belief in your own truth that you can welcome the excitement of the feeling …that your truth may be even bigger than you think. Because the things you feel are always bigger than the things you think.

Don’t mean to get weird on you. Just want to give you a ticket to ride along on my Maybe Trip with me…if you feel like it.

Dick’s Details Quiz – All the answers are in the current PodCast at

1- What do you call a para-dog who’s chute doesn’t open?

2- How often do you probably blink per minute?

3- What’s the most useless word in the English language?


3 right – “Midnight at the Oasis”

2 right – “At the Midnight Hour”

1 right – “Midnight”

0 right – “Sunshine Superman”

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