The Dick Summer Connection – July 8, 2007

I always wanted to learn how to fly an airplane. So I did. Here’s how you do it. To make the houses on the ground get bigger, push the stick forward. To make the houses on the ground get smaller, pull the stick back. To make the houses on the ground get bigger very fast, pull the stick all the way back and hold it there. I know about things like that. So how come if I’m so smart, I can’t figure out how to spit between my two front teeth…or how to whistle with two fingers…or how to do that dolphin kick when you swim the butterfly stroke. I guess the answer is that if it were important enough to me, I would take the time right now to do something about it…like learn how.This is a round about way of saying you taught me a big lesson and you’re going to cost me some money with your answers to the four questions I asked you last time. One of the questions was, “Tell me four places you’d rather be.” To put this into perspective, the counter on this page says we had almost 2,000 hits on the last blog. As you can imagine, there are LOTS of places anyone might like to visit. But almost HALF of the answers said something like “I AM where I most want to be.” Some of the other really interesting answers…”Coming home from the beach on a sunny day in my Mustang with the top down…”; “A Western Kansas wheatfield right before a thunder-storm…”; “In the tub…”; “Recording with my brothers…”; “Visiting another planet…” And one place… Maui… was mentioned 11 times. Most of the people who mentioned Maui also said they’d never been there.One of those people was me.

Here’s the lesson…if it were important enough to me, I’d take the time to do something about it…like go there.

So, thank you for the lesson. I do learn.

I just promised my lady Wonder Wench that we will go to Maui next spring. Seeing her in a grass skirt will be more than worth the money. And as a charter member of the “Louie-Louie Generation,” I better get working on the rest of my list of places I want to go and things I want to do…now…while I can still have fun doing them.

Proud PodCast Participant Capt. Eric also had a comment about my suggestion that you can enjoy sneezing without catching a cold simply by looking into a bright light. (I think sneezing is one of the most satisfying things a human being can do with his clothes on.) Capt. Eric says, “If you sneeze in the face of a bright light, you’re in a genetic group with about 1/3 of the population. That’s a totally inherited tendency…like the ability to curl your tongue or touch your tongue to your nose.” (We’ll pause here for a moment to give you the time to try those things….time’s up.) Eric continues, “You and I share that trait. I remember being in a play in college, lying on the stage dressed in a buffalo robe (“Indians” by Arthur Kopit…great play). All was dark, then the stage lights came up full bright…and I was looking right at them. It was all I could do to keep from ruining the scene. I was, after all, supposed to be a dead buffalo.”

By the way, the overwhelming number one choice for favorite food was various forms of PIZZA. And PodCast Master David Summer added a list of his four favorite movies…”Groundhog Day” (a strange title for a dedicated vegetarian to choose), the Hope/Crosby Road pictures, the “Star Trek” Movies, and “Young Man With A Horn.” (A non porn film about a musician.) Thank you for answering my request for your favorites.

You’re making this blog feel more and more like “The Huddle.”

Here’s what I mean. I played a reasonable amount of football when I was a kid. When I was on the radio…and things were really going well…I got the same kind of feeling I used to get in a football huddle. A few good guys gathered around protecting each other and planning what we were going to do to WIN and impress the cheerleaders.

I had a good radio career on some of the country’s biggest stations… WNEW, WNEW-FM, WNBC, WOR, WBZ, WIBC…and I got that “Huddle” feeling on every one of them. It wasn’t like talking to millions of people…just a few good guys…protecting each other…and planning to WIN.

Some nights I also got a feeling that I called the “Pillow.” That was how it felt to talk very quietly into a beautiful woman’s freshly shampooed hair…spread out on her pillow…as she’s smiling…and slipping off to sleep.


That’s why I call this the Dick Summer Connection.

DICK’S DETAILS QUIZ – All answers are available in the current PodCast at

1- The word “aerobic” comes from an ancient Brooklyn word meaning_________.

2- What’s the perfect answer to “Big boys don’t cry.”

3- “Big Louie” says, “Celibacy is no more of a virtue than______.


3 – right – Join “The Huddle.”

2 – right – Be the fifth caller to win.

1- right – Can’t take your request right now.

0 – right – Your transistor battery just died.



PS. I was only kidding about Robert DeNiro in the PodCast. None of the actresses who appeared in steamy love scenes really complained. At least not about his hairy back.






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