The Dick Summer Connection – July 21, 2008

Thanks. That’s because first things come first. Thanks. I told you that my Lady Wonder Wench was in a serious accident, and I was amazed at the number of Emails, cards and flowers that showed up here. Three of you even sent Teddy Bears. And several old friends I hadn’t heard from in years, got back in touch. So…THANKS.

Status report: She’s doing at least as well as can be expected from such traumatic injuries. She’s able to take a few steps with a walker, and she recognizes people. She’s going to make it. But it’s going to be a long, nasty road back.

You get lots of time to think in a hospital. And while I’ve sat there holding my Lady’s hand, I was thinking about a vacation Annie and I were always going to take…and never did. The current podcast is how I want it to work out. And I’m planning on seeing to it that it happens as soon as she’s up to it.

Lots of you reacted to the podcast about my complete loss of trust in God since this happened. Guess I need to be clearer about that. I told you my Lady’s middle name is Annie, and I often call her that. Annie has never…to my knowledge… done anything to hurt anybody, any animal, or any other creature. She’s human…and she’s made some mistakes. But she’s never done anything to hurt anybody. That makes her completely innocent in my book.

All religions I know teach that God looks after the innocent. In this case, and in lots of other cases… all over the world…that’s simply not true. God has been completely indifferent to Annie…and to millions of other good people.

So I have come to terms with God’s indifference. And if God is indifferent to me, I shall forever be indifferent right back. I simply don’t care about God any more.

Having said that…I care big time…even more than before…about the powerful caring so many of you have shown.

Thank you.

Dick Summer

One Response to “The Dick Summer Connection – July 21, 2008”

  1. Ed Dolan says:

    Dick; Somehow I came across your page and am wondering if this is the Dick Summer who use to have Mouth Vs Ear, back in the day. If it is you what ever happened to you, where did you go and hopefully you are doing great.
    An Old listener