The Dick Summer Connection – February 3, 2008

Just got back from almost a full week with some good friends at my buddy Geoff’s wedding. I was a “Groomsman.” Pretty ugly thought “grooming” my buddy Geoff. His pretty lady JoAnne’s friends gave her a “shower.” We groomsmen just went over Geoff with an art gum eraser and a whisk broom. It was fun, but now I have to pay for it by trying to catch up on about a week’s worth of work, plus of course, being good UhMerikans, my Lady Wonder Wench and I will go Super Bowling tonight.

So this “Connection” will be super short. Mostly I just want to tell you we’ll be back with a full version in a few days, and to let you know that we’re re-running one of my favorite Podcasts this week. It’s about a magic evening with a dragon, and three folks none of us, including you, have seen in years.

Please check out the current podcast at

 And please send someone who won’t be getting a Valentine Day card from anybody else something nice for February 14. Do it anonymously, and watch the reaction.

Be back at you soon.

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