The Dick Summer Connection – Chapter 24

This blog got lost. I had it done several days ago and went to upload it on Sunday morning like I always do, and it was GONE. I did what any self respecting guy would do, I panicked. “Oh my God, I’ve got a flight in an hour, and there’s no way I can redo it in that time. I’ve been so busy I don’t remember what it was all about. Oh my God, I’ve got….” “STOP” says my lady Wonder Wench. She’s an accomplished horsewoman, and when she says “Ho,” horses stop for miles around. She has successfully translated that ability to the word “Stop.” Actually, I think she learned to say “Stop” with so much authority when she was a good Catholic girl, and she started dating. Won’t go there right now.So I came to a screeching halt. “All the people who read this blog and are counting on me to get it published on Sunday morning are going to be disappointed,” I said. She smiled that Wonder Wench Wifey smile. “Name two of them,” she said. Wives have a certain ability to put things into perspective. The one thing I remember putting in the original blog is the top five Christmas songs this year as reported by the radio stations. They are:1- Holly Jolly Christmas. – Burl Ives2- Christmas Song – Nat “King” Cole3- Feliz Navidad – Jose Feliciano

4- The Most Wonderful Time of The Year – Andy Williams

5- Please Come Home For Christmas – Eagles

There’s a lesson here. One of the biggest mouths you will ever encounter in terms of “Christmas is a party…enjoy it, don’t go nuts,” is me. And this past week was an excellent example of completely ignoring my own advice. Consider this:

1- I still haven’t found a present worthy of giving to my lady Wonder Wench. (I started looking last February.)

2- I’ve got to get about a month and a half’s worth of work done for my day job by the end of this week.

3- We have a pile of presents that need to be wrapped that seems to be expanding at the same rate as the overall universe.

4- My body is complaining about not being 21 years old any more. Not even close.

I’ll bet you have some kind of similar list. And I’m going to take a tip from Wonder Wench here, and holler “STOP…HO…STOP.” Because we’re all getting nuts.

In my case, lots of this is ego. “I’ve got to find a better gift for her than anybody else ever could…even better than what I got her last year (whatever that was.)” STOP ! I love showing off to my clients that “Nothing can stop me from getting my work done…early…while everybody else is partying around.” OH PLEASE…THAT’S REALLY STUPID.

“I’ll wrap the damn presents even though I hate doing that because I’m bad at it.” WOW, WHAT A MERRY CHRISTMAS IDEA THAT IS, MR. GRINCH. SLAP A PRETIED BOW ON TOP AND GIVE ‘EM JUST AS THEY ARE. And the honest truth is that my body was 21 years old for far longer than most people’s…so thank you very much. Now get out there and string the lights. TRY not to make an idiot of yourself by falling off the ladder.

Christmas is coming. Whatever else it is, it’s real magic, not the phoney kind. So’s the first day of spring. And baseball season…and Fourth of July fireworks…and if I’m lucky, a good back rub from Wonder Wench tonight.

The few really magic moments in our lives happen. We don’t make them happen. They just… appear. My lady Wonder Wench and I went for a flight in our little airplane today. She’s not just a passenger, she helps with the navigation and the radios. Miracles happen for her. A couple of weeks ago, she saw a rainbow on top of the clouds. Today she saw a lake shaped like a Valentine’s day heart. I looked over at her when she was pointing it out, and the pile of presents on the living room floor, and the pile of stuff for my job, and today’s missing blog just vanished. She smiled at me, and I got this 21 year old feeling again. It’s not the kind of thing you can force, no matter how hard you try. It either happens or it doesn’t. But you’ve got to believe in it. That’s how you tell the difference between real magic and pulling the rabbit of the hat magic. The rabbit in the hat magic you have to see to believe. The real magic you have to believe if you want to see it.

So as Wonder Wench says, I’ve got to STOP. Christmas will happen the way it’s supposed to…in it’s own time…which may not be the way I planned. Gotta stop getting in its way. Let it happen. It’s real magic. Gotta trust it. Gotta believe. Running so fast you misplace a blog is just a waste of a little time and effort. Outrunning Christmas is a waste of magic.

Gotta slow down and let Christmas catch me. You too ?

Dick’s Details (The answers to these questions are all in the current PodProgram.

1- Name a lawyer who’s only song writing effort became America’s number one hit.

2- Who wrote “Happy Birthday To You?”

3- What are the three most often performed songs in the English language?”

4- What did my mom make for my dad for Christmas a long time ago?


4 right – An unexpected Christmas kiss.

3 right- An unexpected Christmas kiss from your dog.

2 right – An unexpected candy Christmas kiss.

1 right – An unexpected Christmas snowball.

0 right – An unexpected Christmas snowball down the back of your neck.

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