The Dick Summer Connection – 2007 #2

“I was a hypnotherapist. I used to stop people from smoking by boring them so much they fell asleep, then I stole their cigarettes.” (Bada boom.) You’ve probably heard that old bit, or some variation of it, more than a few times. But I really was a hypnotherapist for about 18 years, while I was working at WNBC, WYNY, WPIX and WQCD in New York. And I really do have a very quiet voice…which is good and bad. It’s bad because most radio station engineers hate my voice. It doesn’t “cut through” very well. And most program directors don’t like my voice because I like to use it to tell stories which sometimes last a couple of minutes, and program directors tend to get nervous when the guy on the air is talking for more than a few seconds instead of playing music or putting a caller on the air. The reason I’m mentioning this is that a lady by the name of Linda, who lives in England, was kind enough to post a comment to last week’s blog, and she mentioned that my voice relaxes her. I know it has that affect on people. And that can be good.I’m lucky. Lucky people get a little pat on the butt when they’re born. George Clooney got good looks. Ted Turner got lots of money. I got an unusually quiet voice. It shouldn’t make George or Ted or Dick conceited…just grateful for the gift. The quiet voice is why I spent most of my broadcasting life doing evening and overnight shows. The quiet voice is good because it tends to make people trust what I’m saying, which was a help a couple of times when people who were seriously considering taking a hard right off the George Washington bridge called while I was on the air in New York. It’s also handy when I’m doing television commercials. Best of all, it’s also the tool I used to convince my Lady Wonder Wench to run off with me. More about that later.

People sometimes ask if I miss being on the air. Usually the answer is no. I’m very happy with my personal life, my day job, and doing the story cds and this blog and the PodPrograms that go with it. But there are a few times when I’d give almost anything to be back on the air…. because I know there is that quiet voice sound that can help people calm down and feel like they can trust what I’m saying. The biggest example of that was when the bad guys took the towers down on 9-11. I grew up looking at those towers. And I knew some of the people who went down with them…and a lot of the people who had to listen to their screams…and I know I could have helped…a little. When John Kennedy was shot…and Martin Luther King…I think a quiet voice was a small help.

There are other less dramatic times. When there are storms and the power goes out…a quiet voice can help. In fact, a quiet voice could take advantage of the situation to help create a sense of a real “lights out family” with some genuine feelings of having quite an experience together. I remember a hurricane in Boston when a guy called me while the waves were smashing into his house on the beach, and he needed to calm down enough to get out. And my Lady Wonder Wench will tell you that there are times late at night when a quiet voice on the radio helped hold her broken heart together…even from hundreds of miles away.

There are lots of broken hearts these nights. I’m not that concerned about the very young ones, because they’ll heal. They’ve got time and lots of choices, and most of society’s attention on their side. But the hearts that belong to the rest of us…those of us who are having a hard time getting used to being called “Mister,” and competing in sporting events called “Masters”…those of us who miss terribly… more and more of the people in the pictures on our dressers…those of us who are beginning to think maybe we don’t have forever anymore …how about us?

“Anonymous” posted a telling comment about last week’s blog. “I like Bedtime Stories because it’s about adults.” That’s the point of the new story cd project. Thanks to Jim and Bob and Brian and Linda who posted some encouragement for the idea of the new project. I’m going to send all of you copies of the four cuts that are done. And if the project gets finished, I’ll send you copies of the whole album. And thanks to those of you who called/Emailed and suggested new and probably better titles for the album. It’s a work in progress. I’ll keep you informed as to how it’s coming along. Meantime, there’s another one of the stories that will probably be included on the current PodProgram. Click here if you’re interested. I really do appreciate your comments. My Email is

DICK’S DETAILS QUIZ – (All the answers are in the current PodProgram)

1- If Da Vinci invented contact lenses in the 15th century, how come they weren’t available till the 20th century ?

2- Which Wright Brothers didn’t make it into the history books ?

3- I claim that Tom Cruise updated what famous movie star.

Scoring: 3 right – Calm, warm and connected. 2 right – Stop biting your fingernails. 1 right – Stop biting your toe nails too. Zero right – Maybe the voices really are coming after you.

So, what have we learned: Hypnosis really can help you stop smoking, even if you don’t want to quack like a duck. Some good things can happen when the lights go out. And I am very glad my Lady Wonder Wench followed the sound of that quiet voice and came home.



3 Responses to “The Dick Summer Connection – 2007 #2”

  1. Greg says:


    I’ve never corresponded with you, but I feel like we’re old friends……. I follow all of your podcasts, and have all of your cd’s except Loving Touch, but the Tinkerbell podcast motivated me to write for the first time. That podcast was a very personal story to me for somereason…..maybe because I’m a few weeks past Spring too………early 50’s, been flying
    for 30 years, tried and lost at love several time in several long term relationships, both of them pilots too………my true soulmate slipped through my fingers years ago and I’ve been searching for her love and attention again, ever since………..

    Don’t think it will ever happen………there’s an old movie that I
    can’t remember the name of , that address that point………sometimes
    two people, soulmates, people that are REALLY SUPPOSED to be
    together………..just don’t end up together. For many reasons and
    circumstances. Sad. Meant to be, for the good of all? Don’t know.
    But it might make for an interesting story for your
    writings………..and the entire idea of the new cd kind of addresses
    the philosophical point……….what do we believe?, what do we need?,
    what do we want as we grow older?…….especially if we haven’t found
    our soulmate in life, our “Wonder Wench” as you say………..

    DO the CD, I can’t wait for it to come out. The title, well I don’t
    know about that. It doesn’t really hit me as a perfect, or the most
    fitting title, but it is growing on me after listening to the podcast
    several times.


  2. Edward F Sweeney,JR says:

    This is my second try to post a blog. I must be computer coo put.
    I remember listening to your show on WBZ when I going to school in Boston. I lived about 22 miles out side city in South Weymouth.

    I enjoyed listening to your show in my car. Your magical voice would pierce the darkness as we drove to unknown adventures. The voice caused us to be riveted to the radio. No one in the car talked as you spoke between records. The number of times you would tell a story and ask a question that was answered with the first word or words of a song that you cued up.

    Your voice brought moments of tennor and joy as we listene to you talk, as if to just us within the confines of the car.

    There is not one of us that grew up in the sixties in Boston that can not remember running to our sinks to watch the water go down the drain after you had explained that below the eguater the water went the oppisite way. We belived you and trusted every little sentence.

    My youth has been stolen by time and one day I will get it back. Life changes our dreams and minds but only love & happy memories stays on forever. Thank you for the many wonderful memories in my life.

    Like most that listened to your hypnotic voice I considered you a friend, a buddy some one that understood me and talked directly to me in my car as I drove aimlessly searching for my future.

    We will always remember you and the other great voices from our past.

    Thank you for ever being there.

  3. Erin M. says:

    Dearest Papa, I love your site, and your blogs. Talking to you over the phone has helpe me understand the fabulous papa side of you, but veiwing the sight helps me to understand the grown up side of you. I see now your motivation for what you do, and how lucky the world was to have you in their media forum. You already have made such an incredible difference in the world, and I believe you will continue to do so. I’m just so proud to be related to the difference, and to be able to draw such inspiration from it. I love you, papa!
    Love, Erin M.