Oh Wow Cecelia

I’m sitting here in my big, manly, comfortable, black leather poppa chair in my living room, wrapping another toy airplane to send to the newest member of our family, three year old Cecilia. Cecilia had to bring our daughter Kris along when she came to visit us a few months ago, because the airlines don’t let three year olds fly alone. Cecelia is that kind of three year old. Cecilia lives near a small airport, and Kris has taken her to see the small planes take off and land many times, much to Cecilia’s delight. So she was really looking forward to flying in a big plane to see us. And she wasn’t disappointed.

Kris told us that Cecelia had a window seat in the airliner. And when the big engines powered that huge, silver, flying beast down the runway, and up into the clouds, a little three year old voice said, “Oh wow.” There was an even bigger “Oh wow” as the clouds swallowed the earth and everything else outside her window…even those big silver wings. If you’re a member of the Louie-Louie Generation, I know you’ll appreciate that sound…an amazed three year old you love…saying “oh wow.” But then…when that giant 737 broke through the dark grey clouds… and the sun and sparkling blue sky started dancing on top …all she could say was…”Oh. Oh”…then she clapped her hands and laughed…as if she were applauding for a miracle. And in a way…she was.

Don’t you love it when a little kid you love, discovers some new miracle ? Like when she finds her own fingers. I’ve seen that 13 times…including Cecelia. It’s always amazing. It almost makes you remember when you had that experience yourself…all those years ago. Finding your own fingers. Then figuring out that there are other fingers out there…much bigger ones than yours. And it feels nice to curl your fingers around those bigger ones. Then you learn that those big fingers belong to someone who has a soft voice, and does a funny thing with his face…it’s called a smile. You learn trust, because you find out that you can hold on to the fingers on that hand, to help you use your legs to walk…that hand makes you feel secure. You know you’ve got to let go of that hand and walk by yourself…so you do…you take a few steps…you wobble and you fall down. So you do it again…it seems like forever till you get it right…you let go, you take a few steps…you wobble…but this time you don’t fall down and another hand you can trust catches your hand.

Eventually your hand gets big enough to make a fist, and hold a pencil…then a handle bar…and eventually a steering wheel. You learn what a solid feeling you get when you shake hands with a friend…and the amazing feeling of holding hands with somebody beautiful…warm hands in front of a fireplace on a cold winter night…tingling fingertips in secret places…fingertips to face…finger tips around lips…then sometimes, the feeling of little fingers around your fingertips…and the great circle starts again.

Dick’s Details Quiz. All answers are in the current podcast.

1-      Why dos Big Louie think women in Corvalis aren’t allowed to drink coffee after 6PM?

2-      What’s with men and strapless evening gowns in Miami?

3-      What effect does the law of gravity have in New York restaurants?

4-      Where can’t you carry a sword or spear into the voting booth?

.Dick’s Details. They take your mind off your mind.

Little Cecelia loves airplanes. I took her for a flight in my little four seater Piper while she was here, and I explained about the ailerons, and the rudder…and she understood. She’s smart. She not only understood, but evidently she gave a lecture on the subject to her day care class…complete with an “oh wow.” Kris says Cecelia is quite convinced she can fly the airliner next time they come to visit.

There’s something genuinely magical about climbing into an airplane, and lifting off into the sky. A pilot-poet once said it was like…”Reaching out to touch the face of God.” He was a nineteen year old kid…no he was a nineteen year old hero…who gave his life when his Spitfire was shot down in the battle of Britan. It was World War 2. The Royal Air Force was mercilessly out numbered by Hitler’s Luftwaffe. Talk about flying with your back to the wall. Winston Churchill very famously said about that battle…”Never in history have so many owed so much to so few.” I’ve never had the honor of flying into battle for my country. But I’ve had the honor of flying…by myself…at night. And I’ve had the honor and joy of flying with my Lady Wonder Wench in our little airplane…just before Christmas. You might remember I told you about it last year.

Christmas is the story of a little kid. I sometimes wonder what it must have been like to watch Christ as an infant…find his fingers. And learn to walk…and talk…like little Cecelia…and every little kid. Including you. And me. And my Lady Wonder Wench. There’s a very short story about my Lady Wonder Wench that happened at an airport…a very long time ago. It’s in the lovin touch personal audio cd. It’s an airport story with a tough beginning and a very happy ending. It’s called Airport. It’s in the current podcast. If you like it you can just keep the podcast, or if you want a fresh copy just down load it from the lovin touch icon on the home page.

Little Cecelia wanted her ears pierced for her birthday this year. She’s three. Kris said “maybe when you get a little older.” Cecelia said, “You mean like when I’m five?” Any Louie-Louie Generation lad or lady knows how persistent a 3 year old can be, so Cecelia now has both ears pierced. “I said did it hurt ?” She said, “Of course Poppa. But I didn’t cry.” I said, “How come you didn’t cry?” She said “Because mommy said if I cry, I can’t get my ears pierced.” I just said…”Oh wow.” And we both clapped our hands and laughed.

2 Responses to “Oh Wow Cecelia”

  1. Sheri says:

    I’m getting to watch my own little miracle every day. I live with my daughter and her family and their 4 kids, the youngest just turned a year and I’ve been here for every single cry, scream, first laugh, and the thousands of laughs that have followed. He’s a happy kid…. and I can’t wait to watch all the many firsts and “oh wow” that are yet to come in his life

  2. aliasJean Fox says:

    I agree with little Cecilia and her reactions. I was about 18 months old when I first rode in an airplane — through the Azores and to Prestwick, Scotland. I remember walking along the aisle and finding my mother — who was wearing a dress, a hat, and sitting in what looked to me (as I can see in my mind’s eye) a bus seat.
    I don’t remember discovering my own fingers but I remember my daughter discovering hers ….. and I remember when we both watched one of our tiny kittens discovering his for the first time! He swatted the air, then looked at his paw, and watched his paw as he swatted a few more times. It was really a neat experience.
    I enjoy flying …. even the “frost heaves” that the pilot occasionally hits!