My Mistress

I’m sitting here in my big, comfortable, black leather poppa chair in my living room…and I think it’s coming clean time. I told you before that I think every life should have a purpose. Mine included. Some people make a big mark on life. I’ll be content with making a small smudge. You should know that this podcast and blog has a lot to do with that. 

 Big Louie, his own bad self, the Chief Mustard Cutter of the Louie-Louie generation always says “Monkeys gibber, lions roar, and people preach.” I like to leave the preaching to the pious guys. I always figured the word pious means full of pie. But I don’t think just telling you about some of the “been there, done thats” in my life is preaching. And that’s where these podcasts and blogs come in.

 Let me put this into perspective. I’ll never step out of a space ship on the moon, but I fly my small plane, sometimes a couple of times a week. I’ll never win a triathlon, but I make finger marks on my carpet every day doing my pushups. And I’ll never have another national network radio audience again, but this podcast and blog go out every week to my “Huddle,” you and a small group of other people who seem to really care. People who understand that following the Louie-Louie Generation ‘tude takes guts.

 Here’s a better example: My Lady Wonder Wench had an awful accident a couple of years ago. When she came home from the hospital, you could see her bobby pins were still on the bathroom sink, her jewelry box was still on the dresser, there was still a trace of her perfume in her closet, but for months…she was gone…into the fear and the pain caused by a steel contraption known as a halo that the doctors attached to her head.

 When it came off, it took more than a little guts for Lady Wonder Wench to face the world again…literally. She did it a little at a time. Just looking out the window first. Then stepping out on the porch…then around the drive way. I was so proud watching her…and holding her hand. A little at a time she changed back from a helpless patient, into the beautiful, laughing, loving, full of life woman who fogs my glasses and makes my eyebrows wiggle.

 Dick’s Details . All answers are in the current podcast.

1-    What sport should have its own Gallop poll ?

2-    What might guys lose by walking in the South Pacific surf?

3-    What’s an easy way to lose friends ?

Dick’s Details. They take your mind off your mind.

 One of the fascinating stories that came from that wonderful rescue of the miners in Chile, was that some of them had mistresses. The media didn’t talk about them much. That would have caused problems. Mistresses are a little like Stepmothers. They don’t get much respect. And that’s bizarre, because they sometimes become Stepmothers. Not usually. But sometimes. 

 So…think about the chance a woman takes when she becomes a mistress…just because she loves a man. I’m not talking about mistress-ing for money. I mean mistress-ing for love. I don’t mean a woman who likes to romp with a regiment. I mean a mistress who puts her youth, her reputation, and her beauty at risk, just because she loves one man. She knows going in that a mistress usually loses everything. Everything…but something only she can understand.

There’s a story about a mistress who was in for a terrible night in the new Night Connections 3 personal audio cd. It’s called, “The End Of Time.”

 A car ride like the one in the story hurts. It hurts the man terribly, and I can’t imagine what it does to the woman. Actually it must cause terrible pain for both of the women involved…the mistress, and the wife.

 The End Of Time.”  is from the brand new Night Connections 3 personal audio cd. If you like it, you can just keep the current podcast. Or if you want a fresh copy, just download it from the Night Connections 3 icon on the home page. 

 I’ll never step on the moon. I’ll never win a triathlon. My big audience network radio days are behind me. I’ll never make a big mark on life. But I think I can make a small smudge. In one of my lovin touch books, I said, “Look at life one person at a time.” I think Big Louie would approve of that statement. It’s got Louie-Louie Generation ‘Tude. And it takes guts because it bucks the system. So help me make a small smudge on life here. The next time you hear about a mistress, take a good, hard look at the lives involved.

 Lady Wonder Wench has been involved with horses all her life. She knows a couple of wives who stay with their husbands simply because they want to keep their fancy horses. I know one of those guys, and he’s admitted to me that he has a mistress. You know couples like this. He doesn’t give her money, or jewelry, or fancy stuff. She doesn’t want it anyway. There’s nothing that money can buy between them. Just…love. I think she deserves respect. I’m not sure I’d say the same for the wife involved.  

 Look at life one person at a time. The wife involved in that Night Connections story could have been a good and beautiful, and caring woman. In fact, she was. There’s no excuse for cheating someone like that. There’s no excuse for cheating…period. But sometimes there’s a reason. And occasionally there’s no reason, but it seems like there’s also no choice. The pious guys roll their eyes to heaven when I say that. I think they don’t deserve their pie when they do. Because wasn’t it the Guy they’re looking up at in heaven who once said, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone?”

 If I can avoid gibbering, roaring, and preaching, and just tell you some of the been theres done that’s in my life, maybe I’ll make my little smudge. I will, if you remember that it’s a good idea to look at life one person at a time. Like the miner’s mistresses in Chile. Or the lady involved with my wife’s horsey friend’s husband.

 So it’s time to come clean. I was the guy in that car one night, a long time ago, on my way to stop cheating on a very good woman. On my way to say goodbye to another woman I tried to stop loving. And couldn’t. You, and the other members of my Good Night huddle know that other woman…my mistress at the time…my Lady Wonder Wench.

One Response to “My Mistress”

  1. Sheri says:

    I like the smudge you have left on my life. I’ve been the cheated on wife, I’ve been the mistress, and I’ve been the one cheating … and I for one could not, and would not judge another. All stories have 3 sides… their side, our side, and the truth, and no matter how much someone may think they know what is going on with a marriage & mistress, (not sure what the name is for the guy when it’s the woman who’s doing the cheating… ), there are really only 3 people who really know what is REALLY going on. I’ve never been the kind of mistress for the sake of “things”.. I’ve had the chance, but as soon as the guy wanted to take it to that level, I’m out, He doesn’t want me… he wants the prestige of having a mistress. I have never set out to take a man from his wife, usually, it happens because we start talking, and I start listening, really listening to him. I don’t always take his side. There have been many times when I was the mistress, that I told him just what a jerk he was being to his wife, and how & what he did wrong, and even how to fix it. And I even saved a marriage or two along the way.. of course, being the mistress ended at that point. Yeah it sucks, and I’m usually the one getting hurt… but the few times it has happened, I’ve gone in with eyes wide open….