More Words from Lady Wonder Wench

Okay, so here I am again … and I didn’t expect this, although as Big Louie, H.O.B.S., would say … whadda ya gonna do?

 DB is actually in pretty decent shape, although a week in the hospital and another week in rehab (where everyone was kind enough to put up with him) has made him just a tad … grouchy.  Good word, that.  He is now walking almost like a big cat … albeit a very sad cat … and I figure he will probably live long enough to get back in an airplane, provided I let him … the smile is mostly there and even when the exercises hurt like blazes, he just grunts … what a guy!

 In case no one told you, our oldest son Dave is doing the podcast again … he sounds a good deal like his dad and also has the same sort of ditsy humor.  But he was absolutely correct about plastic mayonnaise jars; how can you keep lightning bugs in a jar that is made of some unknown goop?  Glass is the only way to go …

 And in spite of all our snow … I am driving my car just to get away.  DB is not pleased that he has to let Randy use our snow blower to clear the driveway … not that Randy is complaining … and Bernadette makes the best darned soup anyone ever tasted.   It’s awfully nice to have neighbors like that, even though DB feels he isn’t taking proper care of me. 

 He is …

2 Responses to “More Words from Lady Wonder Wench”

  1. Mike Walsh says:

    Thank you for the update! Glad to hear Dick is on the mend, but don’t be too hard on him. I have heard that in order to be a rehab tech you need a small streak of sadism in your nature (no disrespect meant to those who do the job, it’s just what I’ve heard). Tell Dick we all await his return with bated breath… but tell him to hurry as these damn worms taste terrible (And you thought Dick’s sense of humor was ditsy!) HeHE.

  2. Betsy says:

    Thanks for the update Wonder Wench. I hope DB will soon be a very happy cat. Gosh, I’d forgotten about lightning bugs since we don’t have them out here. Dave, re Sundays from the past, that’s why I like a big blizzard — it forces things to shut down and brings about such a quiet – I think that’s a good thing once in awhile. ( Might not get much agreement on that right now from all of you back east.) 😉 When I was in Colombia years ago I saw a freeway that had been shut down on Sunday morning so people could ride their bikes on it.

    Your neighbors bring to mind a line from a Paul Williams song — “friends are like good wine, and I’ve had the best.”