Lady Wonder Wench Writes the best Christmas letter I’ve ever had.

In order to fully understand my Lady’s note, please go to Merry Christmas. Dick

The Louie Louie Lad remembers well … but I remember a Christmas when we were living in separate cities and I had a flat tire … and HE came to change it for me.

I remember a Christmas when I didn’t even have a tree or any ornaments or anything to remind me of the fact that I was alone … oh, not entirely ‘cause my parents were not so far away.  But HE was … and I didn’t want to care.  But HE came and brought me a little tree – and a great deal of Christmas.

I remember the year we went to an old unused firing range and cut down our own tree and dragged it home.

And I remember the year in Newark after Christmas when at 3 a.m. we went outside with our tree (me with matches in my pocket) and down to a little park so we could do an old Brooklyn tradition and set that tree on fire.  We did, of course, and then ran like hell so no one would catch us.

And I remember the year we pulled up the gates and spent the holiday by ourselves, just us … and as Dean Martin says, we had “our love to keep us warm.”

I remember the year our first grandchild was born … and his dad and mine spent hours in our kitchen putting together a rocking chair and a hobby horse for her.  They were like two little kids, having a ball …

But most of all, I remember … my Louie Louie Lad … and the snow melting on the cuff of a white coat on Boston Common as he asked me to marry him …

3 Responses to “Lady Wonder Wench Writes the best Christmas letter I’ve ever had.”

  1. aliasJean Fox says:

    Beautiful beautiful memories — makes me teary-eyed with all the happiness that’s contained in those words. Thanks LWW —- Hugs and warm back to ya!

  2. Ellen Ferranti says:


  3. Betsy says:

    Such sweet memories WW. May you and Dick have your love to keep you warm for many years to come. Merry Christmas to all the family and a special end of year Thank You to podcast master Dave.