Lady Wonder Wench Writes

All right, all you Louie-Louie Lads and Lasses … and you too, Big Louie His Own Bad Self … this is a warning, wake-up call, call it what you will … pay attention … 

As you may know, I know a little about horses.  And there has been a large epidemic of herpes-virus cases all across the country affecting horses of all kinds.  Vets continue to say that people cannot get the virus from those horses affected.  But those same vets will tell you they really do not know.  What they mean is, they don’t know how this virus acts and who it can affect.

 We have a close friend in California whose young son has just been diagnosed with that same herpes-virus … they apparently caught it in time and he will not lose his eye … and the important fact is, he has had absolutely nothing to do with horses.

 What this means is, of course, I repeat … they do not know.  Period.  So …  if there are kids in your life … or you know someone who has kids … or there may be kids in someone’s future … if that kid gets ill and the doctors say they don’t know what is going on with that kid, make sure someone gets those same doctors to look into the herpes-virus.  If you wait too long … it just may be too long.

 Damn, I hate this … but never, never take an “I don’t know” for any kind of answer.

Please …

3 Responses to “Lady Wonder Wench Writes”

  1. dick butler says:

    Thanks for the info.Anyone who is afraid to question their doctor needs to grow a set,they are human and can make mistakes.

  2. aliasJean Fox says:

    Thanks for that info, LWW. Are the doctors sure it’s the SAME virus the horses have? Doesn’t matter —- it’s bad all around, and very little will stop it or control it, and probably nothing will clear it. Appreciate your sharing.

  3. Betsy says:

    Sure glad the boy is OK. He most probably had HHV -I, the same virus that causes cold sores. It can also cause serious eye problems.
    The horses have EHV -1.