Lady Wonder Wench Writes

First let me say how proud of all you Louie-Louie lads and lasses I am.  We always take care of our own the best we can and you, Don, are one of ours.

 Second, the answer is NO –NO – NO !!!

 Don’t get me wrong.  I am not an advocate of “no hair, no love” … Isaac Hayes was one of the sexiest singers ever … man, that voice and that smile … And my friend Martha’s husband Daryl is also hairless; ex-navy and cute.  But, see, I know them without hair.  And Dickie Baby has always had the stuff.  So … in spite of Big Louie and his views on the world, I would much rather run my fingers through my lad’s hair than his scalp.  Oh, I know there’s grey in them thar hills (or valleys) but Dickie-Baby is so damned good looking just the way he is that I just can’t see the point. 

 Now our mailman shaves his head, but he says it’s still a pain.  And since “D.B.” uses his voice to stir up trouble in the world, what would he do if a bare head led to a bad throat?  Besides, he likes to tease Bill about his hairless state so what could he say if he joined the ranks of the un-haired?

 Obviously if DB decides to go ahead with his crazy notion, I will be a proper Louie-Louie Lass and just smile and say, “How int’resting …”  But I won’t like it …

One Response to “Lady Wonder Wench Writes”

  1. Betsy says:

    LWW, I like your attitude, and you never know. “Dickie – Baby’s” new look might just prove to be much more than “interesting.” 🙂