Feet And Defeat

It’s good to get off my feet…sitting here in my big, manly, comfortable, black leather poppa chair in my living room. Tired feet are a problem for Louie Louie Generation guys like me. Getting off them is obviously a good first step…ditching shoes is good…soaking them in a shower…good stuff. But I found the best way to fix feet is with my head. I’ve found that’s also a good way to deal with defeat. Feet and defeat. I take a minute…close my eyes, take a few deep breaths, and think about walking in soft sand, bright warm sunlight on my skin, gentle sea breeze…and I’m walking over to a beach blanket where my Lady Wonder Wench is waiting in her bikini, with a bottle of hand warmed lotion to give me a massage that starts at my feet, and keeps on going, and going and going. My feet usually just kind of forget they hurt. And nothing can defeat me.  

Tired feet hit us Louie Louie Generation folks at about the same time as everything in life is beginning to really click. Our knees are clicking, our elbows are clicking and I’ve actually heard an occasional clack from my neck. As I’ve told you, because of excessive kneeling in silent prayer as a youth, I have had problems with my knees, so I had a knee replacement. I think I got the last one they made for the out dated model knee with which I came equipped, but it worked out semi-ok

Big Louie, the Chief Mustard Cutter of our Louie Louie Generation always says, “When you get to our age, you should realize that at if at first you don’t succeed, the best thing to do is to try not to look so surprised.” I think a lot of times, when you’re at the age when you get married hoping Medicare will pick up the tab for the honey moon, you can forget what succeeding really means. Money really is a good measure of success, but it’s certainly not the only one. It depends on what’s really important to you. Some of the people I’d consider successful…I don’t even know their names…but to me…they’re awesome. Like the guy who first looked at a tall building and said…”My God…it scrapes the sky.” What a thought. How about the guy who invented the rubber duck for your bathtub? And who invented the rear view mirror?  Beethoven died a pauper. Harry Truman didn’t have much of a bank account either.

I don’t knock making money. I’d be delighted if you went to Amazon and bought a copy of my book Staying Happy Healthy And Hot for yourself and every one of your friends, and everyone in your neighborhood. But it’s ok with me if you don’t, because there’s stuff in the book about my Lady Wonder Wench that I want the world to know. I am so proud of her. So just getting the book out into the world, makes me feel like a success. If the world doesn’t read the book, that’s the world’s problem. I gave it the chance.

Dick’s Details. Quiz. All answers are in the current podcast.

1- What don’t bison do well ?

2- Why don’t men own cats ?

3- What do poodles and Australian sheep have in common?

Dick’s Details. They take your mind off your mind.

The trick to using your head to fix both your feet and your feelings of defeat, is that if you have a good imagination, the little guy inside who talks back to you, and wiggles your eyebrows when you see someone sexy, and runs around in little circles when the airplane hits some really nasty bumps…that little guy doesn’t see much of a difference between what’s actually going on around you, and what he’s imagining. So if you can get him to imagine good stuff, he can actually make you feel like that good stuff is really happening. Everybody has a little guy like that. He’s stronger and smarter in some people than in others. And it’s when he’s stronger and smarter that using your head to fix your feet and your feelings of defeat, works best.

Here’s a quick way to figure out if your little guy is strong and smart. Close your eyes, take a couple of deep breaths, and for ten seconds, try not to see a purple elephant. If you couldn’t help seeing the purple pachyderm, you’ve got a smart, strong little guy. It’s a help to have a strong, smart little guy these days, because we seem to be living in a time of Pessimist Power. Lying, stealing and cheating are all over the place. I got an Email inviting me to what was essentially a pre-fire-sale. Somebody has supposedly posted something really nasty about me today, and about a hundred guys want to hire them to get rid of the post. And lots of folks seem to be looking for a meaningful one night relationship. Then there was an actual headline in the Long Island Newspaper that said, “St. John the Baptist wins girl’s title.” Wait till the guys at the Vatican hear about that.

Lots of people are scared these days. Scared of all kinds of things. That’s reasonable because lots of times, there are things to be scared of. There’s a story about that in the Night Connections 2 Personal Audio CD. Been there, done that like the guy in the story . It sucks. The worst part is telling her. It’s also pretty hard explaining it to the kids, and the rest of your family. When that happens to a guy on the radio like it did to me, the whole city knows about it It’s a time when it’s really hard to remember that…you can never tell when something wonderful is going to happen.

“Not Again” is from the Night Connections 2 Personal Audio CD. If you like it, you can just keep this podcast. Or if you want a fresh copy, check out the Night Connections 2 icon on the home page.

Our youngest relative, Cecelia, is three, going on four years old. Her favorite saying is “Shit happens papa.” She’s a smart little kid. But I’m a Louie Louie Generation guy, and I’ve figured out an interesting thing. Only about 30% of what I expect to happen really happens. That’s a fact. Both good stuff and bad stuff. About 30% is about it most of the time. This week, for example I was expecting a check…which arrived and didn’t bounce. But I was also expecting a problem with my FAA Flight Physical which didn’t happen, and a big bill for some work I’m having done on my plane, which also didn’t happen. One out of three. It’s almost always like that for me…and maybe for you. Think about it.

That means about two thirds of the time I’m worrying about something I expect to happen…I’m worrying for nothing. Maybe you too. The extension of that works too. Usually, even if the worst thing you can imagine happens, it’s only about one third as bad as you were afraid it would be.

That doesn’t mean you should never be afraid. There are things that scare the hell out of me. I woke up in the middle of the night last night, and I saw my Lady Wonder Wench lying on the pillow next to me…smiling in her sleep. I love that smile. But my feet were hurting…bad…and that made me start wondering how often I’d get to do that…see her smile like that…how much time do we have left together. It was a crusher. A terrible feeling of defeat.

So… how do I fix a bad feeling of de feat? With my head of course. I took a couple of deep breaths, closed my eyes, and grabbed that little guy inside me by the ears, and I made him see me standing…looking at the great God in His heaven…and I was telling God, “I’ve got nothing left. I used everything you gave me. Including all my Lady’s love. Especially my Lady’s love. If you are truly the God I think You are, you’ll let me see her…smiling…again. And you’ll never take her away from me…not ever again.”

2 Responses to “Feet And Defeat”

  1. Jeff was reading the book every chance he was able, and really enjoyed it – thought you were quite the person to meet one day, you and LWW, and I just thought you should know.
    Jeff did not read many books, so if he took the time to sit every afternoon and evening when he was feeling well enough, to read – you know that book ( and it’s author ) is something.

  2. “We should accept that Millennials are an important part of our company,but different from others.So we need to take into account their belliefs and lifestyle so they can give 100% at work.That’s good for the company,right?”