Dick’s Lady Wonder Wench Writes

The other day (read blog-write) I asked all you Louie Louie Lads and Lasses to keep an eye on a blond with a red car and keep her safe. You did. She made it to Eric’s house and then here to celebrate her old man’s birthday. Eric came too, although it took him ten times longer than Kris — because of the snow – SNOW – SNOW – SNOW! Good kids.   No, I won’t swap them. They are OURS!

Then, of course, Kris and I spent money to furnish the Annex for me.   The Annex is what’s left after we had to chop up a hot tub that was leaking and couldn’t be repaired. The Lad already has his chair and stereo . . . and his pot-shot game. What else does he need? Never mind –

Sometimes I think we ought to have a birthday every other month so that we can see the kids on a regular basis. Either that or move closer to Massachusetts? Nah . . . those people REALLY have snow. And somehow, I don’t miss it . . .Barb-Fla

2 Responses to “Dick’s Lady Wonder Wench Writes”

  1. Sheri says:

    LOVE the pic!

  2. Betsy says:

    Really enjoy your writing LWW – it’s quirky and smart. Way above my head at times…

    What in the world is a die-hard Mets fan doing with a Yankees cap on?