Dickie Quickie – Friday

It’s Friday, and My Lady Wonder Wench is picking up some last minute groceries. I just checked our generator, and it’s fueled up and ready to go. The lawn furniture is stashed in the garage. I’ve got to gas up the car and fill the five gallon portable gas tank we keep in the shed. We’ll spend tonight here at home.


We love this house. We’ve been here for sixteen years. We’ve got things as tied down as we can make them. Irene is due to hit us around 8 PM Saturday. There are some beautiful old trees hanging over the house, and the odds are that at least one of them won’t hold up under the hurricane winds. Not much I can do about that, except take My Lady, and some of our most important papers, and spend tomorrow night in that hotel I told you about. It’s about ten minutes from here…concrete and steel…no trees.


Figuring out, “What’s important” enough to take is a strange feeling. Even stranger is deciding what to leave behind…knowing that there is a very good chance that it won’t make it through the storm.


There’ll be no podcast this weekend. But I’ll do the best I can to keep you updated on this blog.


Please…if you’re anywhere near Irene…don’t take chances. The space between courage and stupidity is sometimes narrow. But there’s an old rule of thumb that pilots follow when it comes to making a go/no go decision on a flight. It goes like this: “Would you rather be down here wishing you were up there, or would you rather be up there wishing you were down here.” 


Stay safe. Big Louie keeps reminding me that there aren’t enough of us to be able to afford loosing you.

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  1. Jeff Silver says:

    be safe