The How Hot Is It blog and podcast has brought in some wonderful responses. None better than this one from an extraordinary Anonymous Proud Podcast Participant.

One summer I made love out at sea lying on some cushions in the stern of a boat under a full moon. It was with a very special individual in my life.
The sound of the water lapping at the hull….the gentle rise and fall of the boat on the swells…..the warm breath of the ocean breeze, the stars in that velvety backdrop….the lights on the shore….that’s a night I will remember the rest of my life.

One Response to “Dickie-Quickie”

  1. Don says:

    Dick, Lady Wonder Wench, and last but you not least, Louie Chief mustard cutter of the Louie, Louie Generation, I do hope this finds you relaxing in your comfortable, big black leather poppa chair, and well. I hope things went well with the Doctor. We’re all scared at one time or another and I’ve had my share in sixty years in the Louie Louie generation. But I found that we all have a great support team. That team is those who are closest to us and love us regardless of our faults. For you it’s Lady Wonder Wench and for me it was Miss Kitten. Having face the smoke and flames we found we had a greater appreciation for those we call friends and lovers. We are also a better person for admitting the fear. Being macho while works when we’re young, but has no place in our lives as we get older and wiser.
    I’m very sorry you lost your friend Bruce, he sounded like a real blast to be in the studio. He moved on to a different studio and is likely saving a seat for you, when you are ready, but not for many years yet. I setting here on the couch with a new member of the family. (Not a baby,) but a 4-5 year old pit bull her name is Sweet Pea and she is everything a pit is. She loves to give me and her Kitteness slobbery kisses, but we can’t convince her that our four cats ae not chew toys and they don’t speak dog. We have the two are kept apart by a baby gate, tail wagging a mile a second and she talks to the cat on the other side of the gate. the cats have not checked in about Sweet Pea, more as information becomes available.
    It’s been warm here on the Isle of Long and the apple has been rightly baked, and I hope to be at Calverton visiting my Dad and look up and see a small plane with it’s wing dipped and I know all is right with the world. Be well my friends one and all.
    from the Isle of Long