Today’s podcast is about the learning experience I had in the cockpit of my little plane, bouncing around in that turbulence the other day. I did actually hit my head on the roof of the cockpit. I would personally classify the turbulence as “really, really scary.” The FAA classified it as “moderate.” That’s because I was in the plane hitting my head on the ceiling, feeling hungry and needing to pee and the FAA was in its office building in Oklahoma City filling out paperwork.  Difference in perspective. I really did ask myself why I was up there flying around in that weather, scaring myself. When all of a sudden it hit me that being scared is a very intense feeling…which means when you’re scared you are very intensely alive…and besides you can make up lots of lies to tell your friends about the experience later. Our lives are the most precious thing we have, and I was holding my life in my hands…literally…with my hands on the controls.  Excitement. Man juice. It’s one of the things I love about flying. Once you’re up there…by yourself…it doesn’t matter how many thousands of feet…and it doesn’t matter how fast you’re going. There’s only one way to get back down again so you can get something to eat and take a pee, and that’s by doing it yourself. Nobody can do it for you. Air Traffic Control can sometimes help, but you’re the guy. There’s no breaking the law of gravity. The No Drool Rule is always…strictly enforced. A learning experience. Like these new angels are having. angels with smart phones

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