Today’s podcast is about the fact that our favorite supermarket is closing which is kind of sad, especially for the people involved. My lady has been shopping there for years. She’s made some friends there. But another supermarket is opening across the street. She’ll probably make friends there too. For some reason it seems like a very large bump in the comfortable way we do our lives. And of course what a shock it is to the people we’ve known for years who are going to be out of work. Been there done that. It sucks. Some people deal with things like that better than others. Some people put a smile on their faces, go out and get another job. Other people go into hiding. Big Louie the star of my book Staying Happy Healthy And Hot says, “You can’t help what is, but you can help what you do about it.” I kind of like this Louie-Louie Lad’s approach to finding work. honest guy

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