The most talented radio personality I ever knew just died. I’ve worked with Wolfman Jack, Bruce Morrow, Don Imus…and they are all brilliant guys…mega stars. But  it  was my honor and pleasure to share a studio with Bruce Bradley for a lot of years at WBZ in Boston. He was the best. And he was my friend. There is a little less light left in the magic box tonight.

5 Responses to “Dickie-Quickie”

  1. dick butler says:

    All of new england is sad.BZ had the best of the best.

  2. roger bisch says:

    A terrible, terrible loss for Dick, for whom Bruce was a long- time friend. But also a loss for those of us in his fan club and admiration society; we laughed, smiled, and were entertained by Bruce’s incredible talent! I fondly remember him from WHN (pre-country & during their early country years), WNEW, and WYNY. When Bruce left NYC, I recall him working doing news on WCAU and then WBZ. He was blessed with superb wit! Talented! A class act! First rate! They do NOT make them like Bruce any more! My condolences. 🙁

  3. Betsy says:

    So sorry you lost a friend Dick. What wonderful memories you have of the days at WBZ.

  4. aliasJean Fox says:

    I and my classmates and friends all listened to WBZ, you and Bruce, and the rest. I’ve shared your air checks and patter with a couple of those friends. We share your loss ……. Thank you for giving us this taste of genius and wit. And some good memories ……………

  5. Joe Wewer says:

    I just got back from vacation when I heard about Bruce. Sorry for the loss of your friend. Dick Summer and Bruce Bradley were my favorite DJ’s in the 60’s. And they still are. The Rolling Stones are still the R Stones. And the Beach Boys are still the Bleaches. Thanks for your memories. RIP Bruce.