Time for looking back on the year. I realize that I’m the luckiest guy I know again this year. Strange changes including the “R” word…retirement. That’s a surprisingly hard adjustment…but a good one in the long run. My book is beginning to pick up steam. And you’re still reading the blog and some of you are listening to the podcast. That’s a very big thing for me after a lifetime of talking on the radio. Most important of course is that my Lady Wonder Wench is still with me, even after she must know by now that no matter how nicely she kisses me, I’m not going to turn into a prince. Also good is the fact that there are still family and friends who put up with me. All in all…a good year. Some of you can’t say the same, and I’m genuinely sorry about that. But please remember Big Louie’s best piece of advice: “You can never tell when someting wonderful is going to happen.”

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