One of the best Christmas stories I’ve ever heard came out of World War One. It was Christmas, when some of the German soldiers raised a white flag of truce, walked over to the British trench, and started singing Stille Nacht…Silent Night. The British guys joined in, and soon they were playing soccer together. They took a day off from killing eachother to play together. I think we can take a Christmas lesson from that. There is a terrible fight going on now in America. It has been going on since our Civil War. Both sides feel like they are simply fighting for their rights. Maybe we can take a day off from fighting and start listening to each other this Christmas. Really listening. There are terrible accusations flying around on both sides. And that’s the problem. We’re looking at sides instead of  looking at people. I had a friend by the name of Billy. He was a NYPD Detective. His wife’s name was Mary. The bad guys got Billy. I don’t know what color they were and it really doesn’t matter. I did a story in my Night Connections album about one night that Mary spent waiting for Billy to come home. Here’s a (free) download. It’s only about two minutes long. Please take a listen. Merry Christmas.


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