Dickie Quickie

The Christmas stories are pouring in. Please add yours. ( Send them to: Dick@DickSummer.com ) Thank you. Here’s another very special one:


Dear Dick:
Christmas and “the Holidays” — have always been (for me) a time to try to bring a bit of cheer and love to those who don’t expect it.  An example:
Years ago, my ex and I used to drive from north Jersey to my sister-in-law’s place in Maryland just outside of Baltimore.  We used to split the driving chores.  I used to bring along all kinds of wrapped holiday candy, and delighted in wishing the toll-takers “Merry Christmas” while giving them candy along with the fee.
It was wonderful to see their faces (and eyes) light up. 
It was one of those “….little, but BIG” things.
If only we could all give in the spirit of the holidays—it doesn’t matter which one we celebrate.   It’s amazing how the smallest and simplest of kindnesses can mean the world to someone.
Like you, I believe it can be a better world.
Carole With an E



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