Big Louie is the Chief Mustard Cutter of the Louie Louie Generation. He has “sayings.” Here’s one from next Sunday’s podcast:

“Stop being so scared of the future. It’s just as shaky as you are. Roll the dice. The less you risk the more you lose if you win.”

We ( you and me ) are the brand new Louie Louie Generation. We’re not Pimple People sticking nails through our tongues, nor Dreary Drones droning along through life. We plan on being alive the day we die. That’s what my book Staying Happy Healthy And Hot is all about.

One Response to “Dickie-Quickie”

  1. Dan Kincaid says:

    To the once and future King of 38th Street:

    You might be surprised to learn that if I happen to glance at the clock and it says 10:10 PM, that not that long ago, it was once time for Make It or Break IT! It was certainly well worth turning on my radio WAY past my bedtime. Thanks for all sorts of great radio from WIBC to WBZ.