Dickie – Quickie

This just in from Betsy…and…I’d appreciate any Christmas/Hanukka/Quanza memories you’d like to share for some upcoming podcasts. Just send them to Dick@DickSummer.com.  Thanks. And Happy Thanksgiving.
Just read Carole with an e’s reply and I was going to mention the same thing to you re putting your pictures on a disc  –  I did that a couple of years ago.  I hope you don’t throw the hard copies away though of the ones you mentioned!  Well, except for your old girlfriend  and the kid with the orange teeth.   (there’s that no count word “well” again.) 😉  
I caught my mom throwing out an old picture of her dad a few years back, and he was standing by a horse drawn wagon, which for me was the neatest part of the picture because it showed the times he lived in.  This is the same woman who threw out the baseball cards.  But try to get rid of that 2 dollar make up mirror that she got at a garage sale 20 years ago and has never used…………….. 😉 😉 
As Carole said, that podcast got me to thinking too — I had written you about it but then deleted as I know you have lots of e-mails to go through, but  your podcasts are food for thought, to be sure.  
Before I go, so I won’t forget later, I saw something on my bulletin board that reminded me of you and LWW, and it’ll just be 4 weeks or so until you choose that perfect night before Christmas Eve to fly your plane over the little towns festooned with lights.  That, along with your story about helping each other to not grow up,  brought you two to mind.  It says…… 
“May you never be too grown-up to search the skies on Christmas Eve.”  
And that is my wish for you!

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