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Just got back from a business trip…trying to catch up. Some wonderful things about the blog/podcast in the mail box. For example:

Your latest podcast REALLY gott my wheels turning.
Before I go off in that direction — did you ever think of scanning the pix you’d like to keep (those of your folks, you with a mustache, the day you took 2nd in the citywides (WOW!!), LWW at the Grand Canyon) and putting them on a CD?  If you don’t have a scanner, there are places (yes, even Walgreens and CVS) that do that for you.   It would be a pity to part with them — although I must fess up – I’ve been in the same boat.  Which to hold on to and which to part with.  Hard decisions, those.  (And that includes “stuff”, as our departed buddy used to opine.)   I hate to tell you how many times I’ve begun with the best of intentions to sort thru and throw out my “stuff”, only to end up sitting cross-legged on the floor for hours reminiscing and putting it all back again.   I just couldn’t bear to part with them.
Some of the things you said really got me thinking.
Fragrances and aromas — they have been proven to be (as I’m sure you know as a former therapist) one of the most evocative (memory-wise) of the senses.  Marcel Proust and his story about the aroma of Madeleines (cookies) and all the memories that came flooding back to him decades later when he smelled them.  (I know I don’t need to mention people’s scents — that is just so basic.)
First loves — (and yes, I do mean in the plural!!) – each one forever owns a tiny piece of our heart — they map out their territory, “stake their claim” so to speak.  And that tiny plot remains forever, mostly forgotten — till something reminds us.  Then the memories and emotions come flooding back.  That can be a blessing and a curse.    Even later on in life – any deep and meaningful relationship leaves a little push-pin in our hearts, remaining there till some day, some time, something reminds us.  People, situations and things long-forgotten come rushing back.  Some so real you can see, smell and almost touch them.
That’s what sets us crazy humans apart.  All the memories, like so much hidden treasure locked away and waiting to be discovered by accident.    I wouldn’t trade any of it, even the sad and wistful things.  As you said so well — (and I may be paraphrasing a bit, so forgive me) “…it’s what makes us….US.”
Each of us is, in many ways, the sum of all the life we’ve lived thus far.  Life is one wild and crazy ride — if only folks would realize how wonderful it can truly be.  Sometimes it takes a few negatives (as I have recently learned) to truly open your eyes.  
I am bound and determined to enjoy whatever comes my way.
Dick, thanks so much for sharing.  Have a great day.
Carole with an E   

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  1. cory says:


    First loves and scents….

    For me it’s Cachet perfume. My First Big Love wore it.

    It’s rare these days, but every so often I catch a faint hint of it and I am 19 again.