There are lots of stories about Christmas in my book Staying Happy Healthy And Hot. Christmas is one of the few religious holidays that successfully mixes “Happy” with “Holy.” Most “Holy” days mark the rememberance of overcoming some terrible strife. Christmas is just happy. And it’s full of great music, good food, and fun. What’s not to like? But individual Christmas memories are quite a mix. And I love to put them up here on our blog and in our podcasts.

I’m looking for your personal Christmas memories, or plans. These stories don’t have to be fancy. Just personal, honest, and real.

Please send them to DickieQuickie@gmail.com or dick@dicksummer.com

And thanks.

One Response to “Dickie-Quickie”

  1. Ellen Ferranti says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! Merry Christmas! Hope for a Happy Healthy New Year to you and yours! Will dig deep to find those Christmas memories to share. I will say living in Manhattan and watching the magic of Christmas unfold is among my favorite. Watching my children grow up and enjoy the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, City pond skating in Bryant Park, St Patrick’s Cathedral, shopping at Lord and Taylor on Fifth ave, Macy’s and the Holiday shops at Grand Central Station and Bryant Park! Just looking at all the holiday windows is special!
    Finally, feeling good about “giving back” thru charity events at my children’s schools (both Loyola HS and Fordham University) and the annual coat drive of NYCares.
    Most important…remember to make your memories! ENJOY!