Proud Podcast Participant Ralph B. sent some fascinating “Moon Facts” to add to this week’s podcast. For example, the moon is really black. Pizza hut wanted to use a giant laser to carve their logo into he moon, but they gave up when they found out it would have to be the size of Texas to be seen from Earth. The moon is moving away from the Earth at about an inch and a half a year. And Neil Armstrong left a personal item on the Moon. It was Yuri Gagarin’s Cosmonaut medal. Yuri was the first human in space. That really hit me, because it’s an example of the genuine brotherhood that pilots feel for each other. That includes guys like Armstrong, and airline pilots, and even guys like me who fly little Piper airplanes. It’s a very special thing. Thanks for that, Ralph.

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  1. and you forgot to add it is made of cheese ( so I have been told ) 🙂