Dick Suummer Connection

Oh my gosh what I found in the wash. An old T shirt that brought back such radio memories. I put some of them in today’s podcast. I found out that it was the Duke of Shrewsbury who first figured out that you could make something tasty and handy if you put a hunk of meat between two slices of bread. So I explained how the evil Earl of Sandwich stole the Duke’s idea. We needed to re-name the sandwich. We needed to call it a Shrewsbury. And I gave the top crumb award to listeners who spread the word. The top crumb was from my lunchtime Shrewsbury. Lots of restaurants actually put Shrewsburies on the menu. That was kind of fun “Theater of the mind.” But we did “Theater of the heart” too. I was on the air when Martin Luther King was murdered. There was such anger and hate on the phones. The city was ready to explode. At a time like that, Theater of the Heart can help. Sometimes you do Theater of the Heart not so much by what words you say, but by how you’re saying those words. I like to think I helped a little. Oh my gosh what I found in the wash. Memories from radio…from long, long ago.

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