Dick Summer Connection

Today’s podcast is about being a why-s guy. For example, why should I trust that the words in the dictionary aren’t misspelled? And why are loneliness and cheeseburgers such a dangerous combination? Why don’t we just quit voting to see if the politicians will all just go away? If stop lights are timed for 35 mph, why doesn’t that mean they’re also timed for 70mph? If sex is so dirty and shameful, why are we supposed to save it for someone we love? And on that subject, why don’t women ever say “Let’s go to bed and have sex”? Yes, why don’t they? And on that subject, don’t you just hate it when some guy says, “We’re pregnant.” BS. SHE’s pregnant and he’s usually scared spitless. Worse yet, is “We’re working at getting pregnant.” That’s WORK? Work, work work away is what I say. Let’s do overtime. 

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