Dick Summer Connection

Today’s podcast is about a problem most guys have. They mostly grunt at ladies. Then they spit and scratch. But Louie Louie Generation guys like me, spin stories for our ladies instead. We know that ladies like stories. And we like ladies. “Once upon a time” it is said, a little Louie Louie Generation frog told a wonderful story he called “Ribit-Ribit” to a princess. “Ribit-Ribit” was all he said. But it made her smile. He was just a little frog, but she liked his “Ribit-Ribit”story so much that she kissed him, and he instantly turned into a prince, complete with a fancy carriage. At least that’s what the Princess told her mother when she walked into the bedroom and found that handsome young man in there with her daughter. Mom wasn’t buying it. She had the frog’s carriage toad away. It’s really tough being a guy. We do the best we can with what we have to offer. But it is a problem. Guys have lots of problems. Especially with women.


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