Dick Summer Connection

You know how when somebody you know is slouching around with a gloomy look on his face, you sometimes say, “Lighten up?” Well it seems to me that there is one giant “GLOOM” hanging over almost everybody these days. I guess “Lighten up” isn’t heavy enough. So today’s podcast encourages you to “Liven up.” Here are Big Louie’s “six S” ways to do that. 6 – Snooze. 5 – Smile 4 – Scratch 3 -Shower 2 – Steak and #1  – Sex. #6 means take a nap Fifteen minutes is fine. #5 says take a look in a mirror, and put a smile on the face of the person looking back at you. #4 encourages you to scratch an itch, even if you have to rub your back against a door knob to do it. #3 says take a long, hot, lovely, soapy shower. # 2 means have something good to eat…even if it’s not something that’s especially good for you. And # 1…I don’t have to explain. So please “Liven up.” Remember Big Louie’s “Six Sss”. Snooze, smile, scratch, shower, steak and SEX.  

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