Dick Summer Connection

Today’s podcast leaves you with an important reminder. There’s no question that there’s lots of un-happy stuff going on all around us. But there are also quick flashes of light and warmth that sometimes go by so fast we usually don’t see them. And they’re very much worth seeing. Things like hearing a baby trying to say “Mama,” Finding a very old love letter that you’d forgotten you had. Can you catch that long ago trace of perfume? Can you remember the scent of chalk and pencil shavings from a long ago school room, hear the whirr of a dial telephone, finger a shell you picked up on a happy Summer beach, see a puppy looking up at you and wagging his tail hoping for a pat on the head from you, and how did waffles with berries, warm butter, and a sliced banana taste? Remember the evening you got an unexpected visit from a friend? Did you ever feel somebody slipping a jacket over you while you’re sleeping to keep you warm, or going for a swing ride, or maybe see sawing with a laughing friend. Can you still hear a warm whisper, or see a lovely lady walking into the room wearing a red velvet dress? How about She Loves Ya Yeah Yeah Yeah on a scratchy old 45 rpm record, a soft rug under your bare feet…and a long, long, long warm kiss. Give a listen. It’ll help you stay Happy Healthy And Hot.

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