Dick Summer Connection

New Year’s is coming. That means the POWER is giving us a chance to start all over. A whole bunch of firsts is going to happen for us. I’ll have new stuff to tell you about in my podcasts. I like new stuff. I’m a pilot, and no pilot ever forgets the first time the instructor pilot gets out of the plane and says, “Take her around the pattern three times, and try to bring her back in one piece.”  And suddenly you are flying an airplane all by yourself. I loved it. Those of you who are non-guys will probably have about the same reaction as my Lady Wonder Wench has to that kind of stuff. There are just some things most women  just don’t understand. Of course that works back around the other way too. But if you are Lady Wonder Wench material, you’ll have a good enough sense of humor, and enough flat out love to just smile and say, “Good for you. I’m proud of you.” And pump your fist up and down. Memories of first times are good too. There’s just enough time between now and New Year’s to remember some of the firsts that happened in your life. Do it. And smile. If you’re lucky, you’ll have someone to remember them with. And if you’re not that lucky right now, promise yourself you’ll fix that in 2018. And do whatever it takes to have someone who will sing Auld Lang Syne with you this time next year.  

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