Dick Summer Connection

Please send your Christmas stories for this blog and the podcasts to Dick@DickSummer.com This is just in from Proud Podcast Person Jim Seitz: 

This was a simple moment, but a lifelong memory. Long ago, when I was in high school, I attended a Christmas Eve candlelight service. Ushers passed candles down the rows before we sang Silent Night to end the service. An elderly woman stood alone at the end of the row, next to me. She was composed but looked very sad. The usher distributed candles by handing them to the woman, who passed them down our row. As we lit the candles, one from another, I turned to the woman to share the light with her, but she had no candle, the usher having mistakenly moved to the next row before she received hers. As we all began singing Silent Night, she began crying. It was obvious that something terrible had happened to her, almost certainly the loss of someone very dear. I gave her my candle. She stopped crying, began singing, and gave me perhaps the warmest smile I have ever received.

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